Where Will We Buy Our CDs Now!?

Whilst this past week we have mourned the loss of one the most iconic music shops around, proving that dogs aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for life, we find ourselves wondering where we will get our box sets, cds and video games from now. HMV was definitely the place we picked up a little something on the way home, perhaps when we were not particularly looking forward to a another solitary night without some sort of drama, rom-com or thriller to entertain us. And it gives us the perfect excuse to shovel in the popcorn.

If you’re watching the most gripping TV of your life, it’s not even comparable to anything that you could hope to happen in real life, then we do wholeheartedly apologise and we wish you the best enjoyment, and goodbye. If you’d rather spend your time with any of the stunning companions that we have for you, then by all means come and say hello! We very appreciate talking to those that want to be in the company of 3D people, rather than the fictional characters that litter the screen of that giant box in front of us. The box, by the way, that is getting thinner and thinner, so we can’t actually put any cards on top of it come birthday/anniversary/Christmas etc., which does annoy a bit. But the picture definition is high. High definition, that is. Lovely.

Back to the good stuff. Yes, you’re able to feel like you’re really there when the doctors (science ones, not medically) are traipsing through Jurassic Park thanks to your subwoofer and Jurassic Park pack that you picked up in the closing down sale of HMV. It seems that we just want our things much quicker these days, and without having to wander up and down the aisles of the store. You think of something, you search, you have it. This works much quicker on a computer, we do completely agree. But then you lose the spontaneous purchases that then end up being your favourite film. It’s probably a classic that you’ve never actually got round to but decided that you would because what else are you supposed to do when you’re alone on a Friday night but catch up on the good times that you missed out on first time around. Thankfully you’re able to do this with films and TV series, etc. Bear in mind, though, that there is no second chance for spending that Friday where you had absolutely nothing to do, no commitments or social gatherings to bow down to, where you could have been in the company of any of the escorts London has to offer. And once you’ve caught sight of them in our galleries, there’s no way you will ever be able to resist.