Why Are You Doing That?!

Now, we don’t normally tackle religious issues on the V Blog, we like to keep things light-hearted because we know many people come to us to brighten up their day. But when something happens that hasn’t since the Middle Ages, how on earth could we not? Though we will only touch upon it, to show that we are very much up with the time and we do keep an eye on the news and what is happening in the world, rather than just updating the girls’ profiles and galleries. Yet, we think that we can probably guess which one you’d rather we concentrated on.

Where’s He Going?

As the head of the Roman Catholic church, by his stepping down, Pope Benedict XVI is essentially leaving 1.2 billion people leaderless. That’s worse than when your substitute teacher didn’t show up for Chemistry and you had forty-five minutes to doss about. Probably not too dissimilar to if they had shown up, to be honest. But all this has got us thinking; why do people leave their seemingly good jobs for something that just doesn’t appear to have half the appeal?

We Do Love Choice

Too many times we’ve heard the stories of the investment bankers who leave their six figure salaries in the city to move to a smallholding in the Berkshires to raise a herd of cows and other things you might do on a farm. We don’t ever want to judge and do understand that so many people have different tastes that we cannot even begin to comprehend people’s decisions because there are just too many to choose from. This is one of the things that we love so much about living in a democratic society (ooh, get us; religion and politics. We’re a changed blogger!). It’s like the stunning escorts we have for you, here at V. Who knows what makes you choose the brunettes over the blondes, why you’d get a tattoo of a star and not a heart, why you might drink vodka and not gin. The point is you can and you don’t ever have to explain why. Of course, if your tipple is either very expensive or unique, you might want to think about why your friends are so reluctant at buying drinks in the rounds. Who wants to make the bartender bring up Google because your pal has ordered a drink that’s so strange even the head waiter has never heard of it. When this happens, it’s time to learn how to say ‘lager, please, mate’. Then everyone’s happy! Except maybe the Pope; we hear he’ll have a lot of spare time on his hands and those Made in Chelsea and TOWIE reruns can’t last forever).