World’s Sexiest Women

At V, we are firm believers that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s why we half feel bad about commenting on FHM’s recently released 100 Most Sexiest Women in the World list. But, as pioneers of beauty, we feel it our civic duty to put in our two cents. Our blonde escorts gallery, for example, speaks for itself in terms of choice and attractiveness, so we consider ourselves somewhat experts in this field. We’re not entirely sure whether the magazine has successfully duped us into the biggest joke in history (aside from George W Bush’s presidency) or if we just don’t have the same tastes in the ladies as everyone else. It’s just that we’re struggling to come to terms with the number one choice. Is Tulisa from N Dubz really sexier than Rihanna, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Jennifer Aniston? The latter, we must point out, scraped into the top 80 by the skin of her perfectly aligned and white teeth, which we believe to be a gross injustice.

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Unlike Schindler’s List (cracking film, by the way), we do not agree with this one in anyway. It just doesn’t seem right, if we’re honest. The immediate internet backlash should be enough to tell FHM that they really messed up this time. With this being a worldly read list, it perhaps comes as a surprise that they’ve picked someone who is practically unheard of anywhere else in the world. We’ve never seen such internet backlash from a list in all our lives! To be honest, the majority of them aren’t as bad and off key as this one, but having so many bombshells cast aside, we hope it’s not because of their age. Just have a look at our mature companions to see there’s no harm in an older woman – in fact, they’re probably more experienced than their younger counterparts.