Your Fantasy Night With an Escort

As our clients know, all that you pay for when you hire an escort girl is her time and companionship. It almost seems like a tease – these girls are so sexy that you’ll always want more! Those who have been lucky enough to pique their interests and build a more intimate relationship with their favourite escort know what it’s like to live out a fantasy, but many others are still dreaming about what it might be like. Here’s an idea of how your perfect night could go if it were up to you.

First of all, you’d find a beautiful brunette escort on our website, and call us to check her availability. Like music to your ears, you find out that she’s free now and eager to meet you! She calls you on her way there, and arrives at your door just 45 minutes later. In person, she looks even more gorgeous than her photos – you can hardly believe your eyes.

You start off with a drink to calm your nerves, popping open your pre-ordered champagne to toast your first date. She turns out to be so easy to talk to, making you feel relaxed in her company and able to tell her anything. You have such a great connection with her that you want her to stay all night – in your fantasy, you have all the money in the world so you could extend your booking!

Just imagine your delight when you realise that your escort girl is starting to flirt with you; a gentle brush against your leg, touching your arm when she laughs. You notice that she’s flicking her hair and batting her eye lashes… you’re sure that she’s attracted to you! Gaining some confidence, you tell her how she makes you feel, nervous about her response. What an amazing rush when she confesses that she can’t resist you and moves in for a kiss! Her lips are so soft, and she tastes fresh and sweet. You can’t wait to find out how the rest of her tastes, and let yourself get lost in lust as she passionately moves her lips against yours.

If every man had an experience like this with an escort, they’d probably book one every night of the week! We can’t tell you what will happen when you book one of our lovely ladies, but there’s only one way to find out. Hopefully our V Girls can make all of your dreams come true!