Are You Ready to be Romanced This V Day? - 2013 February 13

So the big day’s tomorrow! No, no one in the V office is getting that married, we’re of course talking about the holiday season that has men running to the petrol stations before they close so they can get some generic card to really spoil their loved ones. If you find yourself alone on this particular day, you should certainly celebrate it. Either head out with friends, spend time with a companion or just grab some dinner with a pal. Whatever it is, just make sure you’re not sat alone on this day. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not as important as Christmas, and it probably won’t make much of a difference but it’s always better to be in people’s company than not. Similarly to Christmas, there are no rules when it comes to Valentine’s Day, although there are perhaps a few things that you may want to avoid, ensure you do, to make this one of the best dates so far this year.

Valentine’s Day Escorts Are Rather Lovely - 2013 February 11

Boys, be prepared for the most hectic week of your life since the summer games. It seems we still can’t refer to it as its official name because of some very strict copyright laws that prevent any mention of it unless you’ve paid about a squillion quid, and we just don’t have the resources. You might be a right eager beaver, always prepared for whatever life has to throw at you. Or you might be the one that picks something up on the way home from work. Whatever one you are, you will no doubt be slightly panicking about the need to be spontaneous and thoughtful for your partner, having a gift of some sort. It can cause plenty of arguments if you don’t come home from a long, hard day at work with arms, laden down with gifts. This is strenuous on any relationship, and those that opt out of dating because of work commitments or various other undertakings, it’s this time of year that they really celebrate. Nothing is expected of them and there won’t be any miffed faces if they don’t spend a lot in a jewellery store. In fact, we think that perhaps Valentine’s Day may be slightly overrated. But you can still make an effort to ensure you’re in the best shape of your life in case you do happen to wander into the path of the one. Or at least the one for now. And if you need some additional tips, the pleasure guide comes courtesy of the beautiful Valentines escorts.

The Appeal of Latex - 2013 February 05

When it comes to the underground world of London, we’re fairly open about it. This can seem a bit of an oxymoron, so we’ll explain. Living in one of the greatest cities in the world (yes, we may be slightly biased) means you are open to experiment with as much as you want without being overly judged. This is incredibly exciting and an opportunity that shouldn’t be taken for granted and totally taken advantage of. In this instance, we’re talking about the resurgence of latex. It seems that it’s not just for the dominatrixes of the world and the more sexually experimental. In fact, it appears that they’re creeping into our daily wardrobe. We’re obviously not talking head to toe, we think we might get a few odd looks at the water cooler, but just a few accents and you’re away. Of course, this does apply mostly to women. But that’s not to say there’s nothing for the men to enjoy. Have you seen a figure in latex? No? You’ve not lived.

A Little More Time with a London Escort? - 2013 February 01

When it comes to indulging in your favourite foods, we are always more inclined to do so with this than many other things in life. This could be because one, it doesn’t show (unless you’re gorging every night and then you might notice the scale creeping up) or two, it’s just that little bit cheaper. So if you want that extra large chocolate bar, most certainly go for it, sir! We’ve been having a little discussion in the office about what things we would do for money involving food. This might mean eating something that we don’t particular like (for yours truly it’s the mushrooms), or just eating a LOAD of stuff. This seems a good idea at the time, but then you’re left reeling in the world’s biggest food coma. And if you’ve opted to undertake the challenge of eating the world’s biggest burger, you will no doubt be feeling unwell. Obviously this is impossible, there’s about one million calories in it so you’ll probably keel over before you’ve even got through one layer.

Beauty Sleep is Vital - 2013 January 24

Once thought only indulged by the lazy and idle, we can’t underestimate just how important it is to make sure you get near to your eight hours. It might not seem that important, but this is when our body reboots, refreshes and revitalises from the hard working day that it has had. A night out every once in awhile is fine, infact it is very much encouraged. It’s crucial to have a balance of play and work time, but this goes for everything in life; moderation. If you had a rager on Tuesday, perhaps take it easy until the weekend. With so many male products saturating the market, it’s acceptable, some ladies even find it preferable, to be a metrosexual and take care of our skin with certain products if it needs that little boost, but you cannot beat the natural regeneration process that our body undertakes whilst we sleep.

Where Will We Buy Our CDs Now!? - 2013 January 22

Whilst this past week we have mourned the loss of one the most iconic music shops around, proving that dogs aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for life, we find ourselves wondering where we will get our box sets, cds and video games from now. HMV was definitely the place we picked up a little something on the way home, perhaps when we were not particularly looking forward to a another solitary night without some sort of drama, rom-com or thriller to entertain us. And it gives us the perfect excuse to shovel in the popcorn.

Snow Days! - 2013 January 18

As we write this, the snow is coming down outside as we eagerly await the blizzard that we have been warned about, plenty of times this week. We’ve become accustomed to seeing our beautiful isle covered in a blanket of white. And the pictures that will no doubt pop up via any media outlet are sure to warm our cockles. It seems that our commitment to our clients cannot be deterred by a bit of snow (despite the worrying fact that it is actually starting to settle). Whilst we know that it can look like fun, building snowmen and what not, until you can no longer feel your hands, your gloves having turned into sponges and the old trainers you keep by the back door not actually being good about keeping your feet dry. So now that you’re reasonably uncomfortable and not wanting to be out in the cold anymore, we certainly have a few ideas that may perk you up and save the snowy day.

Escorts and Snow Days? The Perfect Combination - 2013 January 14

There is nothing like a bit of snow to send the country into shutdown. Though to give the south and the capital its dues, we are still able to catch the buses, tubes and trains thus far... touch wood. It seems the worst of it has yet to hit, however, so we must still be prepared. Whilst many have their guilty pleasures, who doesn’t love to watch a bit of crap TV every now and then, we are unable to pull ourselves away from the weather page on the BBC website (other meteorological outlets are available). There isn’t the constant refresh, let’s be honest, it doesn’t need that much updating, but we often like to play a game of snap. And we are surprised at just how often they manage to get it right.

Wise Words From a Wise Man - 2013 January 08

So it seems we are finally getting back into the way of life now that the festivities are finally over. It does seem hard to adjust straight away. Afterall, we can’t be expected to simply change our way of life in an instant. It takes time. We don’t necessarily agree with going cold turkey - it’s been proven a number of times that it just isn’t effective. Dramatically cutting something out of your life that has been in it for sometime is an uphill battle. No, we’re not still talking about the wild ways of Christmas. Instead, we are talking about resolutions and how can help make ourselves better people.

Is Chivalry Rife With Sexism? - 2013 January 04

It seems that whilst many a woman would happily thank a gentleman for holding the door open or paying for dinner. Whatever it is, we think that it most certainly works in the same way in return. We certainly don’t wish to box people in, tarring them all with the same brush. But it seems that the female of the species is certainly quick to suggest that chivalry is somewhat dead. This isn’t true, and it shouldn’t be as one-sided, we believe. If you’re walking in front of someone, it doesn’t take much to hold the door open for the gentleman or woman behind you. It’s free, doesn’t cost anything, and allows you to think that you’ve potentially contributed something to the world. It’s all about pay it forward. Hopefully it will become so popular that so many people will hold open doors, people say thank you and people hand in lost property. This we can only hope for, expecting the world to just become that little bit more pleasant to live in in 2013.

Happy 2013, from V London! - 2013 January 01

Well, time certainly flies when you’ve a year full of jubilees, summer games and royal babies! It’s a wonder we managed to get so much done thanks to the abundance of activities that we allowed ourselves to fully indulge in as we said goodbye to the year that almost cost us the end of the world. Of course we jest, we never actually believed in the Mayan prediction that we would all cease to exist come the certain time and place. But there were a select few who were convinced and made plans, just in case. This might have included stockpiling alcohol, ‘for bartering’, or building a giant bunker underground. Thankfully, it never materialised and we were free to celebrate the start of 2013, safe in the knowledge that the end of the world was no longer upon us. And if you did it right, you might be nursing the Nurofen, today.

Last Few Moments to Splurge - 2012 December 29

Christmas is a time for indulgence and splurging. Be it on gifts for other people, eating too much during the festive season or buying too many things in the sales. Whatever it is, we like to do things bigger and better come this time of year. Which is why so many people list ‘losing weight’ or ‘going to the gym more’ as a New Year’s Resolution - because they’ve already set themselves up needing to go that extra mile. And given how quick Christmas arrives after summer, with all the sceptics thinking we start getting festive too soon, we know that summer is right around the corner. Which means bikini and trunk season. Although, we would love to get into the habit of healthy eating, regular exercise and taking care of ourselves so we would be able to hit the beach at a moment’s notice. Of course, who will be taking us there, we’re not overly sure of, but it’s time to have one last splurge before the season is over.

Merry Christmas, From Everyone at V! - 2012 December 25

Merry Christmas, everybody! The day that the majority of the country looks forward to is finally here, and we raise a glass and toast all of our clients, without whom we wouldn’t be able to celebrate the festive period. The tree, with all the gifts placed underneath, will soon be abuzz as friends and family gather around, trying to see what gifts are for us and how quickly can we set about ripping the wrapping paper off without appearing too eager. The chocolates and sweets are soon cracked open, as a feeding frenzy starts, only to have the elders warn of not filling up or else you won’t eat your dinner. We think it’s virtually impossible to overeat and not be able to hastily consume our Christmas dinner. This is the one day of the year where your stomach really does know no boundaries. You could be presented with a massive tangfastic selection, a box of Ferrero Rochers, cracking out the tins of Quality Street and Roses are a must. But you could literally eat everything you set your mind to, as well as the turkey-based meal, the crescendo of the day. Until you’ve had your last bite of the pinnacle dish, and it will suddenly hit you.

One For Them, Two For You - 2012 December 20

Right, gents, it’s time to get the last few bits for the festive season, and perhaps pick up a few pieces for yourself. Whilst you can only ever try your best, at pretty much anything in life, it’s imperative that you do really try hard when it comes to gift buying on potentially the largest gift-giving day of the year. Not only does this day come but once a year, it’s a bit of an awkward couple of weeks post the 25th if you’re faced with socialising with someone who bought you a cashmere jumper and all you did was give them an iTunes gift card. Of course, if they’re a bit of a music obsessive, then this is probably an ideal gift. But it just seems not an ounce of thought has gone into it. Treat others like you would yourself; we’re not saying you have to attempt the sales whilst looking for a size six zebra print pump for your sister, obviously you wear brogues, but you need to at least have appeared to have thought about it for more than just five minutes when you were at the till. Probably picking up a meal deal from Boots on your lunch; impulse buy, and all that.

Can You Believe Everything You Read? - 2012 December 17

So, here at the V Office, we found ourselves perusing the latest issues of the men’s magazines, and they never fail to make us laugh. Of course, when we say perusing the latest issue, we of course mean going online to read the American articles that fill the sites. When it comes to it, it seems that there is often a lot of untruths that can make their way into, or onto, publications. And it’s become quite a guilty pleasure for us to pick out not just the funniest things but also the most far fetched. In our opinion, having a mixture of both men and women working at V, we are a little more clued up than those at particular titles. Whilst we don’t doubt for a second the validity of the writers at these particular establishments, we think that they should perhaps aim to be a bit more impartial, or accurate, when delivering their copy to the editor.

Christmas Party Time! - 2012 December 14

So it’s that time of year that every pub, bar and restaurant has been advertising for months: ‘hold your work’s Christmas party here!’. Which is then swiftly followed up with some sort of offer to entice you, normally along the lines of ‘Get a free bottle of Rose with every party of 20’. Now, we don’t confess to which beverage takes our fancy most often, but we’re not really sure how much you’re going to get if you’re one of 20 sharing a bottle of wine. That’s just a thought that has sprung to our minds, but if this is something that is ringing true with you, let us know how it goes. We are certainly interested. We’ve pals who have a bottle to themselves...before even leaving the house. We see this as more of a commitment than a problem, and it is the holiday season, you understand. If you can’t let your hair down now, when can you!?

It’s A Merry Time, Certainly - 2012 December 12

The late nights, the binge drinking, the festive shopping and seeing old friends is already in full swing. These are some of the best things about the holiday season. Of course sharing plenty of food with friends and family, giving and receiving of presents and the amazing television that happens. It’s all about the fun, the freedom and the frivolities at this time of year. It’s standard that you will get drunk, perhaps do things you wouldn’t normally, but it’s allowed at this time of year. It doesn’t matter if it’s a work’s party, the family bash or just a night at the pub with friends. Whatever you’ve got planned this Christmas time, don’t forget about us, here at V. After all, we’ve been so good to you for the year.

Christmas is Here - 2012 December 06

So, as we type, Driving Home For Christmas is blasting on the office radio, and we are finally getting into the Christmas spirit! Having sorted out the Secret Santa, bought the Christmas decorations and are starting to feel the holiday cheer. This is very unnerving for the most ruthless in the V family, who have perhaps had a hard year, and aren’t particularly that cheerful. But give them a roll of tinsel and some blu tac, complemented by an empty white wall, and they’ll reveal the Damien Hirst in them. When it comes to it, you need to know just what it is that makes the difference between childish decorating and mature. But it’s Christmas, so we’re not overly bothered.

The Season Is Upon Us - 2012 November 27

So the Christmas season is well on its way. Under a month until the big day, presents are being bought, decorations are being hung and cheesy music is being played. Of course, this is the way we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re not going to lie, those that are ridiculously organised and have already bought and wrapped every single gift they plan on giving this year, we actually feel a little sorry for. If the only thing you have to be doing SIX WEEKS before Christmas, you should probably employ the services of our girls a bit more. We’re simply saying. There should be no excuse for being that organised. When it comes to it, there need be no reason for not indulging and spoiling yourself for working so hard throughout the year.

Facing Your Fears - 2012 November 23

Confronting your fears are equally the best and worst things that you can do. Not only does it force to face something that probably isn’t as bad as you think it is, it helps you get into the frame of mind that you can, one day, overcome them. The majority of fears, it’s safe to say, are irrational. For example, those living in this country who have a case of arachnophobia are surely overreacting. Let’s be honest, there will never be an instance where you are bitten by a spider that will do you any harm, neigh bitten by one period. That’s because we just don’t have that type of animal in this country. For example, if you lived in Australia, let’s say, it would be completely understandable. They have a very generous proportion of deadly spiders, but not here! This, to us, is a prime example of an irrational fear.

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