The Appeal of Latex - 2013 February 05

When it comes to the underground world of London, we’re fairly open about it. This can seem a bit of an oxymoron, so we’ll explain. Living in one of the greatest cities in the world (yes, we may be slightly biased) means you are open to experiment with as much as you want without being overly judged. This is incredibly exciting and an opportunity that shouldn’t be taken for granted and totally taken advantage of. In this instance, we’re talking about the resurgence of latex. It seems that it’s not just for the dominatrixes of the world and the more sexually experimental. In fact, it appears that they’re creeping into our daily wardrobe. We’re obviously not talking head to toe, we think we might get a few odd looks at the water cooler, but just a few accents and you’re away. Of course, this does apply mostly to women. But that’s not to say there’s nothing for the men to enjoy. Have you seen a figure in latex? No? You’ve not lived.

Where Will We Buy Our CDs Now!? - 2013 January 22

Whilst this past week we have mourned the loss of one the most iconic music shops around, proving that dogs aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for life, we find ourselves wondering where we will get our box sets, cds and video games from now. HMV was definitely the place we picked up a little something on the way home, perhaps when we were not particularly looking forward to a another solitary night without some sort of drama, rom-com or thriller to entertain us. And it gives us the perfect excuse to shovel in the popcorn.

Snow Days! - 2013 January 18

As we write this, the snow is coming down outside as we eagerly await the blizzard that we have been warned about, plenty of times this week. We’ve become accustomed to seeing our beautiful isle covered in a blanket of white. And the pictures that will no doubt pop up via any media outlet are sure to warm our cockles. It seems that our commitment to our clients cannot be deterred by a bit of snow (despite the worrying fact that it is actually starting to settle). Whilst we know that it can look like fun, building snowmen and what not, until you can no longer feel your hands, your gloves having turned into sponges and the old trainers you keep by the back door not actually being good about keeping your feet dry. So now that you’re reasonably uncomfortable and not wanting to be out in the cold anymore, we certainly have a few ideas that may perk you up and save the snowy day.

Escorts and Snow Days? The Perfect Combination - 2013 January 14

There is nothing like a bit of snow to send the country into shutdown. Though to give the south and the capital its dues, we are still able to catch the buses, tubes and trains thus far... touch wood. It seems the worst of it has yet to hit, however, so we must still be prepared. Whilst many have their guilty pleasures, who doesn’t love to watch a bit of crap TV every now and then, we are unable to pull ourselves away from the weather page on the BBC website (other meteorological outlets are available). There isn’t the constant refresh, let’s be honest, it doesn’t need that much updating, but we often like to play a game of snap. And we are surprised at just how often they manage to get it right.

Happy 2013, from V London! - 2013 January 01

Well, time certainly flies when you’ve a year full of jubilees, summer games and royal babies! It’s a wonder we managed to get so much done thanks to the abundance of activities that we allowed ourselves to fully indulge in as we said goodbye to the year that almost cost us the end of the world. Of course we jest, we never actually believed in the Mayan prediction that we would all cease to exist come the certain time and place. But there were a select few who were convinced and made plans, just in case. This might have included stockpiling alcohol, ‘for bartering’, or building a giant bunker underground. Thankfully, it never materialised and we were free to celebrate the start of 2013, safe in the knowledge that the end of the world was no longer upon us. And if you did it right, you might be nursing the Nurofen, today.

Merry Christmas, From Everyone at V! - 2012 December 25

Merry Christmas, everybody! The day that the majority of the country looks forward to is finally here, and we raise a glass and toast all of our clients, without whom we wouldn’t be able to celebrate the festive period. The tree, with all the gifts placed underneath, will soon be abuzz as friends and family gather around, trying to see what gifts are for us and how quickly can we set about ripping the wrapping paper off without appearing too eager. The chocolates and sweets are soon cracked open, as a feeding frenzy starts, only to have the elders warn of not filling up or else you won’t eat your dinner. We think it’s virtually impossible to overeat and not be able to hastily consume our Christmas dinner. This is the one day of the year where your stomach really does know no boundaries. You could be presented with a massive tangfastic selection, a box of Ferrero Rochers, cracking out the tins of Quality Street and Roses are a must. But you could literally eat everything you set your mind to, as well as the turkey-based meal, the crescendo of the day. Until you’ve had your last bite of the pinnacle dish, and it will suddenly hit you.

Christmas Party Time! - 2012 December 14

So it’s that time of year that every pub, bar and restaurant has been advertising for months: ‘hold your work’s Christmas party here!’. Which is then swiftly followed up with some sort of offer to entice you, normally along the lines of ‘Get a free bottle of Rose with every party of 20’. Now, we don’t confess to which beverage takes our fancy most often, but we’re not really sure how much you’re going to get if you’re one of 20 sharing a bottle of wine. That’s just a thought that has sprung to our minds, but if this is something that is ringing true with you, let us know how it goes. We are certainly interested. We’ve pals who have a bottle to themselves...before even leaving the house. We see this as more of a commitment than a problem, and it is the holiday season, you understand. If you can’t let your hair down now, when can you!?

Being Incredibly Small In The Eye Of The Storm - 2012 October 30

Unless you call your home ‘Under a Rock’, you will be fully aware of the giant hurricane currently taking the American east coast by storm. Whilst the intensity is expected to lessen, the devastation has already happened in many states in the US. With almost seven million people without power and sixteen having tragically lost their lives, the clean up is what comes next. A Red Cross fund has already been set up for those wishing to donate to help restore savaged areas after President Obama declared a ‘major disaster in New York and Long Island. Already the images circulating on the internet are enough to make us sharply inhale, and we hope that those who are still in the heart of it are staying as safe as can be. It’s instances like this that show us just how important it is to live everyday like it’s your last. This might be buying that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing up or doing something you’ve always felt a bit too reserved to do.

Pastimes, Hobbies and Things That You Might Not Like - 2012 October 11

A frank and open discussion with a friend can reveal things that you either weren’t expecting to hear or weren’t expecting to hear from your pal. The point of these, often after a few glasses of wine or a particular slow lunch hour, aid in dealing with the effects of judgement, and understand that everyone, be it interests outside of work, pastimes and hobbies, or activities that you partake in because it’s fun and you enjoy it, are always unique. It’s worth noting when discussing these things that they are always personal to the person, and should be met with nothing but acceptance, hoping to extend the barriers of understanding. With so many options, living in a city as varied as London, there are certainly enough varying possibilities that ensures everyone in the capital have all the options they could have.

Just Go For It - 2012 September 07

Here at V, we are most certainly in the business of treating ourselves and our clients. We understand just how important it is to indulge, and just allow ourselves to be spoiled - either by ourselves or by other people. This is because we work hard, and we don’t think we should have to shy away from that. It makes sense that we work so hard - in today’s climate it seems anybody can find their lives turned upside down in a heartbeat, so it’s absolutely vital to live in the moment. That’s why the popular acronym that is finding itself around the internet, whilst a little bit cheesey and potential far too embedded in the tween market, is YOLO: You Only Live Once.

The Summer Games Part Two? - 2012 August 30

With so much copyright and restrictions surrounding the summer games that happened a few weeks back, we’re not entirely sure where we stand on the games that are starting this week. Because of this, we are simply going to refer to it by the Summer Games Part Two. And if the adverts we’ve been seeing on the television are anything to go by, it’s certainly a given that we will be glued to our screens for the duration of these events

The Last Few Days of Summer - 2012 August 15

So, if the weather from the last couple of days is anything to go by, it makes sense that we start preparing ourselves for the winter that will soon spring itself upon us as we wave goodbye to the sunny months that we have enjoyed. It seems that we have infact been spoilt by the amount of sunshine bestowed upon these past couple of months. The number of sweaty people on the tube are enough to tell us that the temperatures are, whilst not unprecedented, not the norm for the city. It’s a shame that we’ve been in the office as much as we have when the weather was so incredibly beautiful outside, but when you run one of the most successful agencies in London, we simply must put our clients first. Without that dedication, we wouldn’t be able to provide such a high quality of companions to you.

Spontaneity Rules The Roost - 2012 August 07

So, often we find ourselves without a spare minute to ourselves, wishing that we didn’t have that social engagement (where one of the gorgeous companions in our blonde escorts gallery, would be the perfect date) or need to work overtime. It would be nice to just sit in, our do something that we have been putting off, partly because we haven’t had the time. Whilst they’ve perfected the operation that can make you taller (apparently it’s a lot of stretching of limbs and is incredibly painful), they have yet to master doing the same for the day. Therefore, we find ourselves stuck, having to cope with managing with the few hours we have been allotted in the day. But it seems that when we come down to it, we struggle with things to do. It’s the same as the shopping curse; you’ll see plenty of things that you want when you don’t have money, but when the bank’s being generous, you cannot find a thing that you like.

A Bit Of Positive Thinking Goes A Long Way - 2012 August 03

Not often do we find ourselves organised, in control, and know exactly what we’re doing, where we’re headed and we need to do to get there. This is only for the incredibly punctual that seem to succeed in this, and there is no positive knock on effect for the next time. We’ll elaborate. If you’re on time one day, it doesn’t mean that you’ve more chance of being on time the next day. The train might be late one day, yet fail to show up on time the next. You could be at the station ten minutes early and the train is delayed, just as much as you can sprint, and we mean hard, as if your life depends on it, and get there earlier. But like so many things in life, there isn’t much that you can do about certain stuff, so we urge you to not to worry too much about it. We’re going to let you in on a little secret, mantra, way of life we’ve chosen to adopt of late because we think it gives us a much better attitude to live the rest of the day by.

Just Call Us Aunty V - 2012 July 31

Working in the industry we do, we often get asked somewhat personal questions about how certain people can generate more excitement into their lives, or what type of shoe really accentuates the fit of a good suit. Of course the last one we may have made up, but you wouldn’t believe the range of questions come the way of the V staff. We are professionals, after all, so it is to be expected. That’s right, we like to toot our own horn every once in awhile. Of course our most loyal clients do that for us everytime they come back and enjoy another wild time with any of our incredible London escorts. And why wouldn’t they - with great times to be had with the incredibly gorgeous girls that we have filling the galleries, it only makes sense that we others would want in on a slice of the action! And with the prices that we’re offering? It seems there’s never been a better time to get in touch and change your life for the better.

The Escort Games 2012 - 2012 July 27

So, seven years after we were told that we would be hosting the games, the day has finally come! Tonight, the ceremony will kick off weeks of summer games that will be watched by millions around the world. We can’t get over just how many categories, events and everything else that will be happening; a lot of planning and pre-planning and post-planning (we’re not sure if this is right, but we’re guessing it might be). It’s the same way we feel about how many beautiful ladies there are at V. We know, we did it again. We can’t help but segway into the gorgeous escorts that we have here at the agency. It seems, like many of our clients, they are always at the forefront of our minds. And when they look like they do, it doesn’t seem appropriate that they should be ignored or not thought about. If we held our own Escort Games, we would have so many categories and potential winners, we couldn’t even whittle it down to gold, silver and bronze. We’d pick them all as champions.

Enjoy The Weather, Lads! - 2012 July 24

So it’s less than a week until the summer games, and we’re constantly seeing those from the army walking past, ready to chaperone our visitors from abroad to where they need to be, so they won’t miss the start of whatever sport it is they’re going to see. We probably used the word ‘see’ too many times in that sentence to be able to pass this off as a professional contribution to the world of writing, but it just seemed necessary. Much like spending time with one of the beautiful companions we have for you at V. Do you like what we did there? We know, we’re quite proud of it, if we’re honest. If you’re not one of the lucky millions who appear to have some sort of ticket to the games, then do not fret for you can watch all the action from the comfort of your own home, and the announcements at every tube station is anything to go by, we would be lucky to avoid the city. The perfect time for a companion to come to you, do you not think.

We’ve Never Been Happier - 2012 July 20

We’ve managed to avoid it up until now, wanting to stay away from being a true Brit, yet we’re finding nothing else to complain about aside from the weather. Of course, as a homegrown Britonion, we feel it is not only in our DNA, but in our nature to comment on the weather. Seeing as it’s usually absolutely pants, it makes sense. But we urge as many people as possible, when it finally does shine on our glowing metropolis, shout out to the Londoners, to rejoice as much as we can. We know that whilst we write this that it is actually raining outside, but we’re hear it’s gonna be 29 degrees on Tuesday! We can’t bloody believe it. We can just imagine the gorgeous companions walking around in short shorts and crop tops in an attempt to cool down. We certainly aren’t complaining, and we will never argue with an excuse for them to take their clothes off.

Batman or Blonde? - 2012 July 17

Here at V, there is always something that we’re needing to do, but have an innate ability of putting it off, time after time. We think they call it procrastination, but we’re not entirely sure. We should probably look that up... and this is how it happens! This might be spring cleaning, that cupboard simply cannot stay that way for much longer, or finally getting that pedicure: it’s not just women that need to take care of themselves, you know. Plus, it really does make you feel better about yourself. But in the next couple of months, if it sticks around that long, we absolutely need to go and see the two superhero blockbusters that are reigning supreme at the cinemas. Coming down to a battle of wit, action and how good they look in the suits, Spiderman versus Batman is our biggest dilemma; we really can’t pick a favourite! Now we understand how our clients feel when they are presented with the plethora of stunning companions available at V, all with equally striking looks as well as skills that make them even more attractive than their aesthetics alone.

The Perfect End To The Week - 2012 July 13

Attention all Gents! In case you haven’t realised it’s Friday, and the clock on your computer is ticking nicely towards hometime. You know what that means, the weekend is fast approaching and it is time to let your hair down. What are your plans for this evening? A night in in front of the TV, with a beer and a takeaway? Sounds relaxing. Wouldn’t it sound even better if you had someone else there with you, for company? Someone of the female species, perhaps? Of course it does! After all, the pizza isn’t going to be the great conversationalist you’re looking for.

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