Boo to Brexit!

We hate to get political. We really do. After all, we’re here to help you relax from all the stresses of the world and have a bit of fun. It’s why we offer great girls like our Spanish escorts, it’s why we always make sure that your visits with us are brilliant. The thing is, sometimes you just have to speak up. When politics starts to enter your life, and you don’t actively go seeking it. Considering what happened last week, you probably already know what this entry is about. Brexit of course! The event sweeping the nation and causing serious unrest and civil strife.

The thing is, we’re not pleased with it. And when we say we, we mean us, all of us, London. We didn’t vote for it. Almost every single borough in the capital voted to stay on the continent, and with little wonder. Look how life in the city has been enriched by the multiculturalism that we all enjoy. You can dine at a Mediterranean restaurant, see a Spanish escort, have the time of your life at a Scandi bar. There are so many things in the city that are only on offer because we are part of a greater community, where people and ideas are all free to move around. It’s something we firmly believe in, which is why we’ve always tried to have a wide selection on our website. After all, variety is the spice of life.

So why then, are there so many people rejecting it? Without it, we would be a duller, less interesting country, and london would not be such a global power. There’s a reason that so many people choose to come here to both visit and to live. As much as we’d like to say it’s all down to our incredible Spanish escorts in London, there are a huge number of reasons. That’s what’s so great about it as a city. You can have whatever you want, from all over the world. It’s an incredible mixing pot and a great example of what being friendly and open minded can offer.

Which is why we’re very much in support of some sort of devolved power for the city. You see it in other countries with strong capitals. You see it in other places where the ideas of the people living in a place are so different from the rest of their nation. We voted as a whole to oppose the leaving and it will happen anyway, yet our city is massively more influential than the others combined. We’re on board with the idea that if the nation is so split, we should be allowed to do what we want to keep unity. In that case, that might mean London gets to keep those shares of its pie that it’s been dealing out to others. If they want to move us backwards, then we will stop helping them take a step forward.

It’s a bold idea, but when you look at the galleries on these pages, see the gorgeous Spanish escorts and all the other beauties we have to offer, it’s easy to see why we feel that way. We don’t want to give all that up, we don’t want the city to become lifeless and generic. Let it continue to be a European capital, a place of culture and expression and freedom. After all, we wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t think that sometimes people deserve to be free and wild and beautiful. That’s the whole point, and it was one of the best parts of being on the continent.