East Enders

Ever since the summer games hit in 2012, East London has been the place in terms of popularity. Before that, it wasn’t particularly well known or well loved due to a lack of refinement. It was a place where a man would come for a fine East London escorts, then leave as soon as he could, his mind filled with happiness from the lady but with little regard to where she worked. He could have met her anywhere and still enjoyed her fantastic skills. The fact that she was an escort in East London was far less important than the fact that she was a ready and willing beauty with the sheer skill necessary to make him feel fantastic.

Then everything changed when the games arrived. Suddenly, getting an East London escort meant waiting for days. At the peak of the event, the entire area was the most visited in London by a long way and people were desperate to get there. Girls who used to see 3 fellas a week were suddenly seeing 3 a day. Businesses barely getting by were tripling their profits. Suddenly new attractions and entertainments began to spring out of nowhere, everyone couldn’t get enough of the area, and the phones of every escort agency in East London were ringing off the hook.

After the games, a superb shopping centre, beloved by everyone from our glamorous East London escorts to the local ladies was built to ensure interest in the area remained high. With it arrived a whole new bucket load of hype; the area was transformed. These days it brings in huge numbers of people from all over the capital on weekends, acting as one of the trendiest spots around. The eastbound central line has never been so packed! Getting an escort in East London can prove to be quite a challenge but we’ve got you covered!

Of course, the girls themselves played their part in the area’s sustained popularity. When the wealthy visitors flooded in, so did the elite girls. East London escorts are the envy of the rest of the capital, comprised of some of the most beautiful and charming ladies around. You only have to look at our galleries to see just how stunning some of these babes are and to understand why everyone is suddenly tripping over themselves to get here.

A rush of innovators and tech startups have also had an impact. The silicon roundabout, built in the ultra trendy parts of the east, has since established the area as the staging point for up and comers. It’s become the very cornerstone of the new generations, and these ambitious firms all have one thing in common: a desire to succeed. This often means late nights, and late nights means an East London escort waiting to make all of their problems melt away. They don’t mind putting in the hours when such a delightful reward is on offer. With a combination of their smarts and the area’s excellent services, it’s no wonder these young minds are excelling. Long may it continue!