Impress Escort Girls With Your Physique

For most of the year, we can get away with a bit of a beer belly. Most clothes hide it well, and the only people who are going to see you naked are probably already in your bedroom! However, the summer months make it much harder to hide your sins; hot sunshine calls for tops off, and if you’ve been eating like a horse or drinking like a fish throughout winter and spring, you’re about to get busted.

Every man would love the perfect physique; bulging biceps and a wash board stomach to make all the escort girls swoon. Sadly, this is not the case for the majority of men! You might see them in the pages of a magazine, or a few lifting weights at the gym – but taking a look down the street, you’ll notice that a lot of men are a bit soft round the middle. If you’re a muscle bound Adonis, we’re all very jealous and you needn’t read the tips below, but if you’re an average Joe, read on!

It would have been sensible to make working out your new year’s resolution, so that you would already have 6 months of exercise under your belt. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and summer is already upon us! If you want to lose some weight fast and impress those London escorts, you’ll have to make some changes to your lifestyle.

No more taking short cuts and being lazy. Take the stairs instead of a lift, and walk that half a mile home instead of taking a taxi. Doing this every day will make a big difference. Also take a packed lunch to work with you to avoid the vending machine and the greasy spoon cafe next door; it might be convenient to grab a bacon buttie on the run, but this won’t do wonders for your waistline.

Start off your day with a healthy breakfast to get your metabolism started. Avoid naughty snacks throughout the day – if you need a nibble, eat fruit or nuts. This also helps you to fit in your 5 a day.

Cutting out alcohol completely is guaranteed to give you results, especially if you drink a lot of beer or ale. One pint contains around 150 calories, so these can really add up over the night. Being drunk also tends to give you a craving for greasy take away food like kebabs, and with the voice of reason out the window, you’re likely to wake up several pounds heavier. Staying sober gives you a clear head, so you can make sensible choices about what you eat.

If you stick to this advice, you can stay trim without even hitting the gym – you’ll be fighting the girls off with a stick!