Relight your fire

With winter rapidly descending upon us, many of us are reminiscing sadly about the glorious months of summer. Even so, there’s plenty to do in the city during the colder months. The lovely ladies on our site are, of course, desirable come rain or shine. When the weather is poor a man is still going to want to enjoy her company and soak up the radiance of her presence. He’s hardly going to look out his window, see a little drizzle and decide that actually wants to be completely alone today.

In fact he might even be more likely to book a girl, seeing as there isn’t much hope of going out and enjoying the city. London on a cloudy day is just a sea of grey, it can be quite depressing really, especially compared to the rest of Europe’s big hitters. Our girls can certainly chase the blues away with a smile, a flutter of the eyelids and a charming word or two. That’s enough to brighten even the greyest of days, we must say, which is why our phones are often ringing even more when the heavens open.

It’s easy to understand exactly why they would be so happy to see their girls for just a few precious hours. Sometimes, you want the best things in life to be short, sweet and intense, which is why we offer booking starting at just an hour.

On a beautiful day when the shining, things are different. Men call London escort agencies looking for a whole afternoon of company. They want to enjoy one of the city’s many attractions and who can blame them? When it’s basked in the light of the sun, the capital becomes a whole new place, one infused with joy and wonder. Our babes will be the highlight of an already glorious day, money well spent, it must be said.

You can ring V and get your dream girl for that experience you’ve always wanted. The squares and tranquil parks of London are just waiting for you to explore them, waiting for you to bring a beautiful lady beneath the canopy of the trees and relax together. A picnic, a cheeky bottle of fizz, and utter bliss. The worries of the office melt away. That cramp, hot commuter train seems a world away. For their afternoon, it all just melts to nothing, and all that remains is brilliant light.

So you can understand why we’re not too sad about the weather at the moment. Sure, we love the sun but its in the colder months that the real excitement starts. The very best ladies, the type you never imagined you would ever be able to get in the demand of summer, are on available on our today’s girls page.