Was There a Royal Escort?

Almost everyone in Great Britain has heard of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. For a decade, she was married to Price Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II’s second born son. It is by marrying him that she earned her Royal title, but the couple divorced in 1996. Due to her surname, you might know her better as ‘Fergie’. She had to daughters during her marriage to the Prince who are now 5th and 6th in line to the throne; Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Despite a noble ancestry, Sarah’s life has been littered with scandal. She earned a good and wholesome reputation for her work as a spokesperson and a British charity patron, but she soon fell out of favour. The media cruelly dubbed her “The Duchess of Pork” after gaining some weight, but she hit back by regaining her svelte figure and becoming the U.S spokesperson for weight watchers. She then caused the Royal family major embarrassment by being seen with other men while she was still married to Prince Andrew; a photographer got some money shots of Sarah topless, with American man John Bryan sucking her toes. She separated from the Prince in 1992 then officially got divorced 4 years later.

During her time as Princess (a title she lost in the divorce), Sarah got used to the rich lifestyle and became known for her extravagant tastes. To the monarchy’s further embarrassment, she ran up massive debts amounting to millions of pounds. Sources claim that she is now treated like an “untouchable” by the Royal family, who cannot forgive her behaviour.

In recent weeks, the news broke that Sarah had been caught out in a sting operation by a tabloid news reporter posing as a wealthy businessman. She was seen on video offering access to her ex husband for £500,000. When she was confronted, her excuses were that she was drunk at the time the conversation took place, and that the money was to help out a friend.

As if this wasn’t enough to destroy her reputation, a rumour has emerged today that the Duchess of York once accepted money selling herself as an escort! According to the renowned investigative journalist Ian Halperi, Sarah once accepted a briefcase containing over half a million dollars to accompany two Arab oil tycoons on their private yacht. It would have been much less expensive and much more socially acceptable to hire one of our gorgeous West London escorts for social companionship..