If you’re a London resident and you find it easier to search by your local council area for an escort near you, use our simple guide to find out about all the locations we cover at V London Escorts.Also, if you’re visiting the capital and are unsure about Underground Zones and the names of tube stations, you can search by every single London council for a gorgeous escort to come and see you tonight.We want to make it as easy as possible for you, our client, to meet the girl of your dreams!

Tower Hamlets Escorts

Being one of the five boroughs that will host the 2012 Olympic Games, there is a growing sense of community pride in Tower Hamlets. A vast range of ethnicities reside in this area of East London, giving it a very diverse feel, and offering many opportunities to sample cuisine and culture usually found in areas far across the globe.


Camden is considered one of the gems of North London. A place synonymous with London subcultures, it has been a breeding ground for alternative music and fashion for the last half a century. You can see this reflected in every aspect of Camden; the population, the shops, the food, everything.

Waltham Forest Escorts

Waltham Forest, while a very residential area, also shows a more rural side of London, being home to much forestland nature reserve and within easy access of Epping Forest. If you enjoy the city but sometimes find it to be a little overbearing, Waltham Forest strikes a perfect balance between city and countryside, and is renowned for its vast amount of open space.

Redbridge Escorts

Redbridge is far out in North East London. Although much more subdued and residential than the constant energy of more central locations, Redbridge is not without its own attractions. Sandwiched between Lee Valley Park and Epping Forest, if a city can have a soft side, then Redbridge is London’s.

Havering Escorts

You can’t get much further North East than Havering. Although more than half the borough is greenbelt protected land, Havering also calls Romford its main town. Except for West End, Romford has the highest concentration of bars and clubs in Greater London, making it perfect for those who enjoy a drink and a dance.

Bexley Escorts

The South East borough of Bexley is one of the quietest boroughs of London. If you went any further than Bexley you’d leave London altogether. The influence from neighbouring county Kent is very visible. Because of this, one half of the main town of the borough, also named Bexley, is referred to by some as ‘Bexley Village’ due to the resemblance it has to a proper village. The other half of Bexley Town is made up of little more than suburbs and residential areas.

Croydon Escorts

Croydon is a big commercial centre in South London, and is one of the major metropolitan centres. Historically Croydon was a part of Surrey, it was an important industrial area for metal working and car manufacture, and has now developed into the hub of national railway transport system with office buildings, and retail shopping centres.

Sutton Escorts

You’d be surprised with the number of attractive women around for you to choose from. Each stunning escort is beautiful in her own way. Whether you prefer leggy blondes, sweet brunettes, voluptuous and busty shapes or slim and petite frames, you will find yourself lost in the wide range of variety available for you to choose from.

Merton Escorts

The borough of Merton is home to some pretty notable monuments and locations. In previous centuries many rich and prestigious people called it home. This hosting of nobility has left a residue still evident today, visible in the architecture, the open spaces and parks, and the multitude of sports centres, clubs and stadiums.

Kingston Escorts

Kingston is a place utterly primed for retail. Located in South West London, its pedestrianised walkways and precincts make it an ideal environment to explore on foot. Some historical buildings give the place some history and depth, but the huge shopping complex – The Bentall Centre – certainly serves as its hub, knocking the Old Town Hall into second place.

Richmond Escorts

Richmond is a nice and rich suburb located in west London, an area that offers nice gardens, parks with beautiful sceneries. Most of the residents live the domestic life style with a big house, a dog, and an estate car or SUV parked on their front yard. If you’re a gentleman who enjoys this life style but at the same time likes to seek for excitement or something outside the box, Richmond escorts can be the right place to start.

Wandsworth Escorts

Located in South West London, Wandsworth is a nice suburbia area that eighty five or its habitants are happy with the quality of living. Although the council tax is the lowest in the country, its living quality is definitely on the other end of the scale. If you’re a gentleman that’s looking for beautiful companions, escorts in Wandsworth can be an excellent option for you.

Hounslow Escorts

Hounslow is one of the main metropolitan centres located in west of London. The suburb is surrounded by parks, such as the famous Kew Gardens, Richmond park, Osterley Park and Hounslow Heath. The city centre offers pedestrianised high street shopping, shopping centre and lots of cafes. Due to its proximity to Heathrow Airport, there are many hotels available in this area.

Harrow Escorts

Harrow is a town in North West London. It’s one of the main metropolitan centres and was included in Greater London in 1965. If you are a gentleman that lives in Harrow and would like to find out tips on how to spend your nights doing more exciting and fun stuff, then Harrow escorts can be your perfect guides.

Hillingdon Escorts

Hillingdon is a London Borough to the West of the city. It is where many gentlemen choose to reside if they work in the city, with the commute made easy by the underground transport links. For those who don’t want to live right in the busy centre of London but have high flying jobs that must take place in the city, Hillingdon provides an excellent option.

Barnet Escorts

Barnet is an area in North London, end of the Underground Northern Line. If you live and work in Barnet and find it a bit far from central London but would still like to make your weekends fun and exciting, why not try having the companionship of Barnet escorts for a change.

Enfield Escorts

Enfield is the furthest North Borough of Greater London. Within the bounds of the M25, it is a good location for those who commute into London for work but do not wish to live within the city. There are excellent transport links into London, with several stops at the north end of the Piccadilly Line on the London Underground running through the Enfield area.

Haringey Escorts

Haringey sits on the border of Inner London and Outer London. And this fence-sitting means Haringey offers you the best of both worlds. It’s one of the most expensive places in London, and most likely in the country; huge houses line the roads of Crouch End and Muswell Hill, and many a celebrity is known to reside within the borough.

Lambeth Escorts

Lambeth is a borough lucky enough to be graced with all the monuments, landmarks and famous buildings that people associate with London. You have the London eye, a colossal Ferris wheel looming above all others in Europe. You have the iconic Big Ben clock tower, named after its biggest bell. You have the houses of parliament, numerous museums and centres along South Bank, the list could go on.

Southwark Escorts

If you were to cross London Bridge heading southwards, you’d find yourself in Southwark. Southwark is a place rich in impressive buildings and intricate history. Rife with museums and markets alike, Southwark boasts history and culture in a modern city.

Lewisham Escorts

Lewisham is a suburb in south east London, neighbouring Greenwich. It is leafy and green with residents being mostly families or professional working in the Docklands. With its proximity to Canary Wharf, Lewisham has become a popular residential area for bankers. The town centre in comparison however is relatively quiet, with only one high rise building next to the shopping centre.

Bromley Escorts

Before Greater London was created in 1965, Bromley was located in the county of Kent. Now it is counted as one of London’s boroughs, with the town of Bromley as the administrative centre.

Greenwich Escorts

Nowhere in London can you find more historical buildings than in Greenwich. There is the Royal Observatory overlooking the Thames (the birthplace of Greenwich Mean Time, widely accepted as the reference for Universal Time). There is a previous royal residence, the aptly named Queen’s House, with its huge driveway and clipped lawns. There are the mighty pillars of the National Maritime Museum. The list goes on.