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Covent Garden is famed throughout the country for being one of the most versatile and incredible areas in all of the capital. The area mixes luxury retailers with bespoke craft and food stalls, street performances with the Royal Opera House and incredible super designers with the up and coming best in the fashion world. It’s little surprise that so many fashion houses and big brands have set up shop here and have declared the area one of their favourites. It really is obvious, and not just because of the gorgeous escorts in Covent Garden, that this is one of the very best destinations in all of the capital.

Of course, once you’re tired of shopping, you can head to one of the very many restaurants in the area. Many of the local eateries have huge ratings on tripadvisor and are well known to all the Covent Garden escorts. They’re used to entertaining men in these candlelit, beautiful places and they love it. The area has a rich history that goes back to the 7th century, as visitors would discover if they decide to go on one of the iconic walking tours that give you a great idea of what this area used to be about.

There are approximately 44 million visitors that come here each and every year. It’s hardly surprising is it? After all, once you’ve spent a few moments with a babe here, you’re going to be utterly amazed and thrilled to be in such a wonderful area. The Market Building is a place that will make you feel incredible. When you’re walking hand in hand with a Covent Garden escort in this place, you’ll realise that you’ve made it. Life doesn’t go any better than this.

It’s funny to think that this place started off not as a destination for fun and thrills but as a place to sell vegetables. No really, that’s what many of the older generations will remember Covent Garden for. And the escorts in Covent Garden of course, but that goes without saying. The market arrived in 1656, when a wealthy duke decided to allow several small stalls to set up in the garden of his palatial home. In 1670, this market was expanded to a daily affair that was open 6 days a week and became a popular attractions.

By 1700, it was well known as a shopping destination, and the rest as they say is history. Not many people realise that you were more likely to find root vegetables than you were escorts in Covent Garden up until the 1900’s, when it started to transform into a hub of luxury and quality. That’s a standard that we uphold today, and you know that if you choose us as your Covent Garden escort agency you will receive the very best ladies possible.

Of course, things had to change. The houses around Covent Garden are massively expensive and always have been, so you can imagine the reaction of locals when a market selling basic fruit and veg turned up on their doorstep. Noise and dirt, was what they thought of that and they demanded changes. 1748’s renovation changed all that, turning the area into a much more cultured and respectable location that served as a shopping destination, rather than a hinderance, to locals.

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Of course, shopping isn’t all that there is here. The area is famed for its musical associations, particularly involving the opera. With the ROH on its doorstep and many amateur musical interests here, it’s inevitable that many will think of it as the home of the London opera. The wealthy patrons should be thanked too: their demand for top class Covent Garden escorts helped to start the high standards that we uphold to this day.

Of course, the original market isn’t here anymore. The fruit and veg market, famed by many, has been relocated. Much like Spitalfields, the changing of the tone of the market allowed a much more middle class environment. Offering the very best escorts Covent has to offer, we certainly aren’t complaining: the plethora of cafes and shops is fantastic for us. Our girls have the perfect place to meet and greet their loyal punters and enjoy a little drink before they head off to explore the area together. Perfect.