Dating Ideas

Seeing The Sights

If you or your London escort is new to the city, you might want to do some sight seeing together. It can be romantic and exciting, with many different mediums of getting about.

A Night Of Jazz

So how about a visit to a jazz club? The atmosphere can be very sensual; not so loud that you can’t hear each other speak, but loud enough to fill any awkward silences. It shows class and taste, and can fill either a whole evening,

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Choosing the right hotel is very important because it will be the basis for the kind of style of day that you wish to give. Your hotel choice will also say a lot about you and what you are all about.

Green Baby

So many of us are concerned for the Environment that we live in we all look to do our bit in the fight against Global Warning and keeping our country green.

Out And About In Canary Wharf

Often you will have very little time to enjoy with your chosen Escort so you will want to plan a spectacular evening full of fun and frivolity.

Flying High Above The Clouds

Some people take things to far which only serves to leave the London Escort feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

A Walk On The Wild Side

Many men who are looking to walk on the wild side and have the ultimate in fun with a Cheap Escort may choose to spend an evening at some of London’s many strip bars and clubs.

Around London Town

This is certainly not hard to do in such a diverse exciting city but I would recommend planning in advance to avoid any embarrassment and to make the most of your time together.

A Day At The Spa

In the heart of central London a stone’s throw from one of London’s busiest shopping areas Knightsbridge you will find one of the most luxurious Spa’s London has to offer.

Westminster Adventure

Hiring an Escort is all about being in control and knowing exactly what you want to do so it is wise to be fully prepared and have a definite schedule to help you impress your chosen Escort.

Living In The Fast Lane

There are so many baby faced men straight out of University who have landed their dream London job that pays them more money than they know what to do with.

Heathrow Dates

Like any date you go on it is good to have variety to keep things fresh and exciting. Escorts expect the very best and we are here to help you plan the best way to spend a day with an Escort.

Tales Of The Exotic

We all too often get caught up in repetitive behaviour that only strives to leave us bored and complacent. London is an exciting city with many different cultures to embrace and behold.

Business Dates

Many men hire a Business Escort when they visit London for a Business trip as it is the perfect city to come for work but also for play.

Lazy On A Sunday Afternoon

For all you Gentlemen who like to relax and enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon with a little more imagination than just sitting at home and reading the papers then here is my guide

Canary Wharf & Baker Street Dates

London is one of the best cities to entertain an Escort. In fact you could entertain a different London Escort every night for over a year and yet still find more to do.

Theatre Goers Paradise

Here in London we have many men who enjoy the finer things in life with a traditional edge. Our men can be cultured and intelligent with a real passion for the arts.

Tales Of The Exotic

Every now and then when entertaining a London Escort we want to do and try something unique and different. It is all about variety and the spice of life.

With A Mayfair Escort

Mayfair Escort then look no further and follow this unique guide to the best way to entertain your special guest for a day to remember that will be sure to impress any Mayfair Escort.