A Day at the Spa

Like all women, Escorts (no matter where they’re from) like to be pampered and well looked after. I believe one of the best ways to begin a day with any escort is buy spending time at one of London’s top Spa’s. Here is my guide to some of the best Spa’s on offer and who you should think about taking there.

In the heart of central London a stone’s throw from one of London’s busiest shopping areas Knightsbridge you will find one of the most luxurious Spa’s London has to offer. The Spa is situated in the famous Mandarin Oriental hotel and you simply cannot go wrong for a spectacular place to entertain any London Escort. At the Spa you and your London Escort will be able to relax and rejuvenate in the top of the range facilities and you should definitely take the time to enjoy an intimate couple’s massage where you will both truly relax and connect with each other. The Spa also offers a unique Zen Colour Therapy room where you will be able to feel all the stresses of the busy City flow away from you and you will be centred once more. A visit to this Spa cannot cure aliments but it will make you and your London Escort feel wonderful and ready to face the world once more.

If you happen to be on a flying visit through Heathrow and you are tired and in need of some TLC after a long flight you will be looking for a beautiful Heathrow Escort and somewhere special to relax with her. With the multitude of Hotels available in the Heathrow area it can be difficult to know exactly what one to choose. May I recommend the Sofitel Hotel that has a state of the art Spa available for you and your Heathrow Escort to use as soon as you arrive if you so wish. The feel of the Spa is luxurious and the service is so impeccable, the idea is that you do not have to lift, a finger. This is exactly what you will need after a long flight. The well trained staff are on hand to offer advice on what treatments would be suited for you and your Heathrow Escort and they will happily tailor make them to suit your individual needs.

While in West London and entertaining a Paddington Escort why not take her to the decadent Aqua Sculpture day Spa. Here you can both be pampered and looked after in a discreet environment away from all the hustle and bustle of London. Your Paddington Escort may want a sumptuous full body treatment or simply a manicure and pedicure either way she will be extremely impressed by a visit here. For yourself the Aqua Spa offers a full package for men where you will be able to choose from a non surgical face lift or simply an Indian Head massage. Whatever you choose you will most certainly leave feeling much better.