Am I Dreaming?

Jack’s dinner date with Bella, the gorgeous London Escort from Italy, had been amazing. Unforgettable. They had clicked straight away, the way that only happens a few times throughout your life. From the kiss on her cheek as they met, to the flowing conversation and playful flirting, it really couldn’t have gone any better.

As he put Bella into the limousine he had hired for her, he couldn’t believe his luck as she leaned out the window and whispered “Won’t you join me?” Without a second thought, Jack opened the door and slid in next to her. The partition was blacked out, giving them ultimate privacy from the driver. Taking control, Bella handed Jack a glass of champagne and took a delicate sip from her own. It only took a moment of looking into each other’s eyes before Bella pressed up against Jack and took his face in her hands. Her warm, wet lips moved against his furiously, ans her deep breaths caused her breasts to rub against his chest. Jack was definitely getting more than he bargained for with this London Escort! He felt his cock stiffen, and it strained against his trousers. Moving her hand to the spot, Bella gasped at how big it was. A hungry look flashed in her eyes, and she instantly unzipped his fly and released his massive erection. Now it was his turn to gasp as she wound her graceful hand around it. The rhythmic movement along the length of him felt so good; he closed his eyes and sat back in his seat. Jacks breathing got heavier until he was moaning gently; caught up in the passion, Bella gave no warning and took his cock into her mouth. She circled the tip with her tongue, then pressed her lips right down to the base. Jack was beside himself – it felt incredible.

She sucked greedily for a while, always changing rhythm to keep Jack right on the brink. Meanwhile, he ran his hand up her smooth thigh and found the delicate lace of her panties. Slipping his fingers underneath, he found that her pussy was even more hot and wet than her mouth. He desperately wanted to taste it, but Bella had other ideas. She pushed him even further back into his seat, pulled her panties aside and straddled him. She lowered herself onto his throbbing cock, already nice and slippery from her mouth. He pushed all the way into her, and she cried out with pleasure. Bella clamped her hands onto his shoulders and rocked her hips backwards and forwards, her pussy tight around him. Her movements became faster and more vigourous as they both got closer and closer to climaxing. It was Bella who came first, her body shaking and glistening with sweat. Her head was back in ecstasy with her slender back arched. It was all too much for Jack, and he exploded inside her.

Jack stretched out his body on the soft matress and felt the empty space next to him. Bella wasn’t there. Slowly, the realisation dawned on him that he had not been invited into the limousine, he had not kissed her full lips or pushed his cock inside her tight pussy. The date was real, and had indeed gone brilliantly, but the rest was just a vivid dream. He couldn’t believe how real it felt! This London escort really was the girl of his dreams. His heart sank as he wondered whether she had been as taken by himas he was by her… then his mobile beeped with a text message.

“Hey Jack” Bella wrote. “I had a dream about you last night…”