Fantasy Fulfilled

I never dared to tell my wife that I had a fantasy. She was the type of woman who was traditional, conservative, and afraid of changes. In our forty years of marriage I could only recall our love life to be monotone and unadventurous. It was a routine that usually happened on Friday night after the kids had gone to bed, and it would usually last for less than five minutes, no foreplay, no massages or anything erotic, juts quick kisses and missionary position. It always felt more like something obligatory for her than something she enjoyed. Under the circumstances, I never had enough courage to bring myself to tell her that my ideal package would actually involve leather outfits, handcuffs, whips and a little violence. I thought she would probably just divorce me. Now we were both in our sixties, I had decided that there was no harm for me to hire someone once in a while to experience the pleasure that I’d always wanted.

I picked my London escort as she had specified in her profile that she could fulfill any fantasies. She was in her late thirties, had long bleached blonde hair and a curvaceous body. I thought she looked very experienced and sexy, and I trusted her to be mature enough to meet all my needs. I organized a hotel room for us in the afternoon, and we agreed to meet in the bar on top floor. I wore my suit as I decided it’d make me look more like a reliable client. I recognised my London escort as soon as she walked into the bar, she was wearing a tight leather jacket, a mini skirt and had her hair high up in a pony tail. I was somehow reminded of one of Madonna’s outfits….in the eighties or early nineties? We had a quick drink and a chat at the bar, she seemed like a really sweet and nice lady, which was why I was surprised when she completely changed into someone bossy and aggressive when we went up to the room. She pushed me to sit down on the bed while she took off her clothes to only her black underwear. She then took off my tie and tied it around my head to blind fold me. She tore my shirt and my trousers off, handcuffed me and ordered me to face the wall with my hands above my head. What happened next must be her leather whip, I felt ticklish as she moved something light and feathery up my body, then a tingling sensation as she whipped me with it. She was yelling at me and pulling on my hair, which was a real turn on along the pain sensation. Then she turned me around and pinched on my nipples and kissed and licked on my body. She took the tie off my eyes, pushed my head into her chest and put one of her breasts into my mouth. She ordered me to suck on her nipples which I quite happily did. But every time I reached out to touch her body she would slap my hands away. She then ordered me to turn around to kneel on the floor. She slapped on my butt cheeks, pushed me onto the bed, and penetrated me from behind with a strap-on dildo. I was pushed facing down, I buried my face into the pillows, which gave me that suffocating feeling as my breathing got faster from the pleasure. I very soon came in a way that I had never imagined before.

After we dressed ourselves, she was back to her sweet self. She appologised if she had hurt me and I assured her there was no need to worry as she had just fulfilled one of my deepest fantasies. My body could still feel the tingling sensation from the roughness and whipping, but I loved it. It was sensual, erotic and satisfying.