Party in the Castle

Once every month my husband and I would meet up with some of his friends for a social gathering in a big chateau in the country side. The opportunity came about six months ago when we caught up with one of his banker friends Bill for dinner. Bill mentioned that he had been going to a party held by socialites and celebrities. The party did not only improve his social life, but also the love life with his wife dramatically. He described the experience being mind blowingly sexy and erotic, fun and adventurous. My husband and I were curious and eager to make connections with the rich and famous in town, and at the same time we were desperate to add a bit of spark to our love life; with little persuasion, Bill agreed to add our names to the VIP list for the next party.

The event consisted of around 20 guests, all with their identity protected. Everyone would attend with a partner, whether it was your wife, girlfriend, or mistress. The ones without partners could also choose from all the beautiful top class escorts arranged by the host. Bill explained that the whole party was very easy going, everyone was there to have fun. He usually attended with his wife, while occasionally they would agree for each other to spend the night with other sexy models or escorts at the party.

The whole event was extravagantly organised, my husband and I along with Bill and his wife were flown over to Italy, being picked up by a limo, then driven over to a huge mansion that seemed like a castle from centuries ago. The whole arrangement was very private and confidential and little information was given to us. The limousine had tinted dark windows so I couldn’t work out which way we were going, but Bill and his wife appeared to be very relaxed and encouraged us to just lay back and enjoy the champagne and caviar.

After a few bottles of Moet & Chandon, we arrived at the chateau. We walked on the red carpet which led us to the grand entrance and a marble stair case. At the top of the stairs was the room where the party was held which was extravagantly decorated with statues, paintings, and crystal chandeliers. I looked around the room and everyone arrived in black tie attire, standing around drinking wine and smoking cigars. I recognised a few faces in the room, Bill pointed out a few glamorous people who were actually the professional couple escorts that could be taken to the bedrooms by the guests later on the night.

After an hour or so chatting and mingling, the ‘show’ began. There was piano music playing in the background while two couple escorts took their clothes off and started an erotic dance to entertain the guests. They seemed to be in their mid 20s, both had beautiful bodies. My eyes were fixed on the guy’s large erection, and my body felt quite heated. After some time kissing and rubbing their naked bodies against each other, the blonde woman slid herself onto the dining table while the guy performed a skillful tease with his tongue on her clitoris that made her knock over a few glasses of champagne. The guy then turned her around and entered her from behind, they changed positions every few minutes, standing up, lying down, sitting up, providing some good tips for us to use later on I assumed. Some guests in the room seemed to have got very turned on by the show, and started kissing and taking each other clothes off too. The room all of a sudden was filled with lots of naked couples performing wet kisses, blow jobs, and some were enjoying hard core intercourse.

My husband lifted up my dress and slid his hand into my under pants and started rubbing on my clitoris that was already wet and hot. He grabbed onto my breasts and started sucking on them. The moaning sound and the smell of other couples in the room made me ultra horny. I couldn’t wait any longer – I pulled my husband close, unzipped his trousers and pulled out his large cock and came as soon as he entered me. It somehow felt like a competition with all these strangers in the room, I moaned as loud as I wanted, almost in a way to declare my huge orgasm to everyone. In such an erotic environment accompanied by wine, music, beautiful naked people and a mist of cigar smoke, I fulfilled all my sexual needs and came many more times trying different sexual positions. It was simply amazing.