The Silver Screen

Rob had always had a weakness. At least twice a week, he would hire a London escort to visit him at his small one bedroom apartment. Although he felt it was completely worth it, this habit was proving costly and burning a hole in his pocket. He had learned all of the cheapest escort agencies online and took advantage of the deals, but he loved being with london escorts so much that he ended up spending hundreds every week.

Rob knew that something had to change. He couldn’t keep living like this, he was struggling to make his rent and worried he would no longer be able to treat his London Escorts to vintage champagne, as he so enjoyed. The problem was that his cravings were so strong, and he needed a way to release all of the tension that built up throughout the week. He knew that he got kicks from watching porn, but didn’t want to fill his flat with magazines and DVDs that would give away his secret desires.

It was late on a Thursday night when Rob felt the desperate need for a release. His cock was rock hard with frustration, and he knew that his bank account couldn’t handle another London escort this week. All he could think of to relieve himself was Internet porn; within minutes his laptop was open and he was scouring the sites for hot material. After watching a couple of generic clips, he came across a short film featuring an actress he had never seen before. Her name was ‘Sylvia’, and never before had he seen a creature so beautiful. She didn’t look like your typical porn star with bleached hair extensions and fake boobs, nails and tan. Sylvia was lithe, graceful and exotic. Her skin was golden brown, her legs were long and toned, her tiny waist displayed a taut stomach and her natural breasts were simply perfect. Rob was instantly mesmerised. The camera zoomed in on Sylvia’s delicate face; her eyes were large and hazel coloured, her hair fell down to her waist in full chocolate coloured curls. She was an angel. In the film, another girl (a stereotype) was in between Sylvia’s legs, enthusiastically licking her pussy. The look of ecstasy on Sylvia’s face was too much, and within minutes Rob had exploded, coming with such force that his body was left exhausted.

Over the next two weeks, Rob could think of nothing but Sylvia. As he walked through the streets of London, he secretly fantasised about meeting her and lost interest in the love of London escorts that had previously consumed him. Passing a back street cinema in Soho one day, he noticed that blue movies were being shown at the weekend. A quick glance at the poster made his heart stop; his beloved Sylvia was seductively looking down at him from the creased paper. The following three days passed so slowly as he anxiously anticipated a feature length film starring his leading lady. When Saturday night came, Rob hoped that he would be able to contain himself inside the cinema. It turned out to be almost a full house; she obviously had many other admirers. Rob almost felt jealous of these men, and wished he could have Sylvia all to himself. Her performance was extraordinary. As she expertly slid to her knees and took the leading man’s cock in her warm, wet mouth, Rob imagined what those lips would feel like wrapped around him. He didn’t close his eyes so that not a second would be missed; he wanted to take in and memorise every inch of her supple skin. He watched with fascination as she climbed on top of her man, and rode him slowly at first and then faster. Her firm ass rippled each time she slammed down onto his pelvis, and the actor was clearly having difficulty holding back. She then changed rhythm and began to move her hips round and round, then back and forth, up and down. She lifted herself all the way up to the tip of his cock, crouching over his muscular body, then pushed down as far as he could get inside. Sylvia’s breathing quickened and her body started to tremble as a wave of brilliant orgasm washed over her. With her hair damp and brow glistening, she looked even more magical. The rise and fall of her breasts slowed and she sank down as the screen went back. The film received a standing ovation, but that was the last time Sylvia appeared on the silver screen.

Rob searched for her online every day, but it was as if she had disappeared without a trace. The film was obviously Sylvia’s farewell to the pornography industry. He tried dating London Escorts again, but even their beauty couldn’t compare.

7 months later, Rob had given up his search for Sylvia. He no longer took notice of girls on the street, or flicked through the x rated channels or top shelf magazines. He felt empty, as if a part of him was missing. He had slipped into the routine of leaving the office everyday at 6pm, cooking himself a simple dinner and having an early night. Always the same. One evening the rain was pouring down, so he jogged along the busy pavement with his head down and jacket held over his head. Suddenly the ground was covered with papers – he had run straight into a girl. Apologising profusely, Rob bent down to collect all of the papers, apparently University work, and returned them to their owner. As he straightened up and placed them into her hands, his eyes met those familiar hazel gems he had once fallen for. Sylvia stood before him smiling, and coyly accepted his apology. So this is where she had disappeared to – University! It took Rob a few minutes to find words, he simply couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Her hair, now damp for different reasons, still looked just as beautiful. Her skin glowed and her beauty in real life was ten fold to the silver screen. By some miracle, she agreed to go for a coffee with him. He confessed that he recognised her and she was flattered.

It’s now a month on, and as Rob watches the sweat trickle down in between Sylvia’s breasts as she pants on top of him, he wonders how he ever got so lucky. Never again will he need a London Escort to relieve his tension.