Two is Better Than One

One woman in bed was never enough for me. I was the type of man that always demanded the attention of two women in bed at the same time. Of course none of my ‘girlfriends’ could accept that. It might have seemed fun at the beginning of the relationship when I enthusiastically invited another woman to join our adventure, but very soon jealousy would step in and I was then scolded or requested to meet the conventional ways of only sleeping with one woman. I guessed that was the reason why I found it so hard to have a girlfriend. I had not been in a stable relationship for two years now, and I was content to stay this way especially after I discovered the wonderful service of duo escorts. I always went for the hot lesbian duo escorts, they were fun, sexy, adventurous and horny for each other, which was a bonus. It was a real turn on to watch them eating each other up, and I had actually learnt a few tricks on how to please women from them.

My favourite was these beautiful German girls, Renee and Sonja. They both had short blonde hair, tall and slender with big breasts and icy blue eyes. I knew they particularly liked my roof top pool, so every time I booked them I would ask my cleaner to make sure the pool was specially cleaned and the hot spa had rose petals and essential oil in the water. Renee and Sonja loved to get totally naked and jump into the water straight away for a swim. I would usually sit by the pool, drinking my Vodka on ice, watching them making out in the water. One of them would get out of the water to come and give me a blow job, then the three of us would head for the hot spa together. I loved being sandwiched between the two blonde bombshells. I could kiss one of them while the other one licked the back of my ears and neck and massaged my back with her breasts. Their bodies were all wet and slippery, which added extra lubrication when I fingered them. I pinned Renee down to the edge of the spa with the weight of my body, sucked on her breasts and played with her nipples with my tongue. She could feel my hard and big erection, and eagerly asked me to put it in her. While I was doing Renee, Sonja was getting very horny, she rubbed her body against my back and had her arms around me so her hands could reach over to play on Renee’s breasts. Renee very soon came, but my game was not over. I turned over to focus on the other girl. That was the best part, I got to do two women. Sonja was the slender one, so her pussy was really tight which felt really good. After we came together in the water, Sonja asked me to turn around, she put on a strapped on dildo and gave me anal pleasure from behind. The dildo reached my G-spot which gave me another huge orgasm, it was unbelievable. My body fell soft in the hot spa after the intensity of pleasure. I just sat back in the warm water while the two girls gave me a scrub and a relaxing massage.

After our play time, I’d usually ask them to stay the night to share my king size bed with me. I loved waking up in bed with two beautiful blonde women, and usually they would start my day with an amazing blow job. Sometimes on my day off I would take them shopping. I really enjoyed the effect when I had them one on each arm walking down the street, it certainly turned many heads and made a lot of men jealous. Why would I ever need a girlfriend when I could have two?!