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The User Paul left the a review at 2010-04-08 11:06:47

Firstly Vlondon top class agency, keep up the good work! My 2nd time with Anabelle. Didn’t think it could get better than the first but it did! Women like Anabelle are why we men get up in the morning! Jaw-dropping Full Girl Friend Experience from an intelligent, sophisticated, sensual and elegant beauty! I feel like I've just been run over by the sexiest truck travelling way over the speed limit! Dr Anabelle please come and save me! xxx

The User Paul left the a review at 2010-03-20 09:39:24

Legs go on forever and so does she!!! Guys in a word this is an exotic mixed French cocktail of unadulterated x-rated fun fused with warm TLC. Don’t let those innocent looks in the picture fool you; this is a proper rollercoaster that will leave you exhausted, not for the faint hearted! What a lovely way to end the week, initially booked for an hour but had to extend such was the fun and passion that followed! Just wow!

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