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The User Ed left the a review at 2011-08-06 01:06:54

I was going to say you were rubish just to tease you, but matter of fact you are good in what you do! A lively and hearted woman! I will see you again dear! ;)

The User Easty left the a review at 2011-05-12 23:56:16

Denise came to my place yesterday and she is one of the most pleasurable women I have met. We had two great hours toghether and the minute she left I was longin for her again

The User Nelson left the a review at 2011-04-30 02:02:36

wow, denise was special, she made my evening!!she is simple the best amongst the rest..

The User peter left the a review at 2011-03-26 03:20:54

I spent an enjoyable hour with denise. she is sexy, enthusiastic and great fun to be with. 1 hr is not enough. peter

The User Ron left the a review at 2010-11-15 00:25:48

Denise is a wounderful lady very gentle and mature.I really enjoied the time spent with her.I would love to meet her again.Take care Denise.

The User deezay left the a review at 2010-02-10 00:34:26

Denise is amazing.

The User peter left the a review at 2009-04-13 19:50:38

hot, hot, hot, escort .

The User greg left the a review at 2009-04-13 19:50:11

i picked this women, as i wanted to be at ease and the guy on the phone, recommended this mature women, and all i can say is , relaxed . wow. v london escorts i will be calling again . greg.

The User Stewart left the a review at 2009-04-03 22:51:13

I had an unforgettable experience with this lady. Denise proved that Italians actually do it better !!!!

The User Howard left the a review at 2009-01-17 20:31:09

I had a great time with denise, she has an amazing figure and very bubbly personality, great company!

The User jeremy left the a review at 2009-01-13 05:15:23

great choice if i do say myself this lady , showed me the ropes and i can gladly say the 2 hrs i spent with her will be eched in my memory, until next time hun, j x

The User Dorian left the a review at 2008-12-06 04:45:49

Now this italian beauty knows exactly what she is doing, with her bubbly personality and her italian charm, this beauty blown me away! Whoaw thank you V LONDON for recomending her!

The User Dan left the a review at 2008-10-17 20:35:22

I've very much enjoyed the time spent with denise, she is one of the most open minded escorts ive ever come across, she is very experienced and very passionate, thank u for recomendation vlondon

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