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The User Jay left the a review at 2012-06-04 23:33:38

Coco was amazing, she is so kind and sweet and made me feel comfortable, i absolutely love her character, i had the best time in the world and she made me feel so happy!

The User Tom Tom left the a review at 2012-05-20 23:15:18

Wonderfull Amazing playfull lady a*****

The User Neil left the a review at 2012-03-25 04:40:32

Coco is the most amazing girl I have seen in UK, Europe & USA. I have had her several times at my house at Wimbledon, London. She is very beautiful, sexy & healthy. Always full of life and fun. Her imagination and plays will set the dullest hearts racing. I can have her as many times as she is able to give me time every month. Coco, I love you for all the fun & pleasures you have been sharing with me. These were one of the most enjoyable times.

The User jason left the a review at 2012-01-28 01:50:39

After one particularly bad experience, being with coco was like a breath of fresh air. Coco is one of the sweetest girls I've met so far. She makes YOU feel happy, not the other way around. Oh and thanks for the souvenir coco!

The User adam left the a review at 2012-01-23 19:36:34

I've seen coco couple of months ago but cannot forget her smile, tender body, big boobs and sexy long legs.... she is like a dream to me since the last time she entered my life she is a treasure for sure.... discover her beauty...its worth it!!! i am definatelly going to meet her again very soon..... a.

The User robert left the a review at 2011-11-27 04:15:24

After all the girls i have use over the years i have to say if you are lucky to be able to get coco you will never go any where else again, this lady can show you plesure that would only come from a fantasy.

The User Tony left the a review at 2011-10-30 13:22:41

The most sexiest, very good looking, elegant and inteligent girl ive seen in the last 1year . Highly recomended. Ciao bella.

The User Ali left the a review at 2011-07-24 19:54:24

best best ever thx Coco

The User ali left the a review at 2011-07-22 21:39:34

10 out of 10. Sexy, very good looking, beautiful body and mind. If u want to b treated with her u r a very lucky man. Much more beautifull than the picture. Highly recomended.

The User John left the a review at 2011-05-28 22:27:21

Here we have a strong, positive and lively person. If I understood, she really likes what she is doing, not only because of "work".

The User John left the a review at 2011-05-14 19:49:04

I had coco long time ago but i forgot to write a review. She was gorgeous . We had a very good conversation . I hope Coco remembers me i was the guy with the nice flat on docklands. I am going to call her again for sure and for a long time.

The User richard left the a review at 2011-03-28 12:34:04

I have been with Coco a few times before. She is stunnning and beautiful. She has a nice personality. I had the best time of my life with her. She gave me a great ride.

The User billy big bollocks dagenham left the a review at 2011-03-26 02:33:36

ur wicked babes ill be seein u agen xxx

The User Jamie left the a review at 2011-02-13 08:19:23

Coco was Brilliant she is a very Special Person with an Exceptional Lovely Personality She is very kind and made me SOoOo Happy THANK YOU Coco for a Very Lovely Time You are Quite Simply The Very Best Take Care jamie xxX

The User john left the a review at 2010-11-28 00:02:25

Just finished with her couple hours ago so gorgeous she wanted a night with me but i was tired as i came back from france that day and fancied some company she was sexy and amazing.

The User Jimmy left the a review at 2010-11-17 21:27:02

I have just finished with Coco. I can not recommend her enough. She is really fun to chat with, far more intelligent than I am and unbelievably attractive in person. She has one of the most perfect bodies I have ever seen. Really toned, lovely pert big breasts, and brilliantly toned long legs. She is an awesome girl. Not to be missed!!!!!

The User Daljit left the a review at 2010-11-07 12:01:40

She is nice girl.

The User IZy left the a review at 2010-11-02 14:34:50

Coco u look smacking, sexy body beautiful truly

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