Fantasy Night

It was a dream. It was a fantasy made real. In order to fully impress upon you the amazing time you will have with a Mayfair escort (or any London Escort, most likely), I think the only way will be to describe my night of sensual pleasure in elaborate detail.

I knew it was going to be a good night the moment I first laid eyes on my Mayfair Escort. Heads turned faster than the hotel’s revolving doors as my curvaceous escort strutted across the London hotel lobby towards me, her stride filled with her grace, and her revealing-yet-elegant dress filled with pure, solid, magnetism!

With red hair, slightly blushed cheeks, and bright emerald eyes, my escort wasn’t just hot – she was beautiful! There’s an important difference between women who are obviously attractive, and women who are drop-dead gorgeous. My escort was most certainly of the latter group! All the emperors of Rome would have abandoned Cleopatra, and London would have gotten over it’s Kate Moss obsession, if only they could see my stunning escort!

While my escort was a charm to talk to (she had the sweetest European accent I had ever heard) all I wanted was to get her into my room and onto my bed! It was lucky I had made an effort, wearing my best tuxedo and best aftershave, as well as a wallet ready to buy the best wine (along with a white rose which made her beautiful eyes twinkle with delight!). Before long, my not-so-subtle comments about having a brilliant room with a Jacuzzi that she simply had to see paid off, and she took the hint, suggesting with a flirtatious smile that we head upstairs.

Before I knew it, the goddess that was my London Escort was standing opposite me in my darkened room, her eyes twinkling inches from mine, my heart beating heavily in my chest. I pulled her to me.

Slowly, I undid the back of my escort’s silk dress, her quickened breath warm on my neck as she softly kissed me, repeatedly. Her dress slid down, and my heart began to pound even faster. I pulled her close to me and kissed her full on the lips, our tongues touching as I moved my hands down her smooth thighs, pushing her gently back onto the bed.

I very nearly prematurely ejaculated when I saw my escort’s position – spread before me on my bed clad in red silk lingerie, arms thrown behind her, with her messed-up wavy red hair half-covering her eyes, she was every man’s dream. The bright London night streaming in through the window illuminated her nubile body perfectly.

Calming myself, I moved between my escort’s legs. She clasped them gently around my sides as I moved my hand up her abdomen, removing her bra. She gasped as I squeezed and sucked on her soft, supple breasts, and got even more excited and giggly when I moved my hand down again to remove her panties! It was getting better by the second…..

Foreplay over, the real fun began. She let out the most delightful squeals as I pushed inside her again and again, her hands clasping my sweaty back, her smooth warm legs soft against mine. I looked into her excited eyes. She shot back a sultry look into mine, her perfect mouth half-open in a moan of pleasure. I pulled her closer to me, and the adventure continued….

Your fantasies will come true in London with a Mayfair escort. I don’t see how any man could resist such an opportunity for adventure…It truly was a fantasy!