Fast Love on the Move

Katrina was a racy kind of girl. She loved an adventure and enjoyed living on the edge, breaking the rules… she suspected that was what lead her to London and her job as a cheap escort. She wasn’t in it for the money, but for the thrill and exciting of meeting someone new, where anything could happen. She had heard that London escorts got to go to all sorts of fancy restaurants and clubs, and so far had not been disappointed!

Since most of her friends still lived back in her home town of Ipswich, Katrina often took the train back to visit them. The long journeys bored her, and the only way she could think to entertain herself was to read erotica, unabashedly. Sometimes another passenger would catch sight of the filthy cover and tut, raise an eyebrow or quickly look away. It gave her a thrill to cause a stir, so she would deliberately uncross her legs sensually and inhale deeply as she turned the page. She liked to feel the gentle rocking motion of the train move rhythmically beneath her, picturing the sexy scenarios that she read about. She always took a spare pair of knickers with her because she knew that those she wore would be positively moist by the time she arrived…

It was a hot summer’s day, and Katrina was feeling particularly naughty. She boarded the train with the usual sexy literature tucked into her handbag, and made her way through the carriage. She already knew what she was looking for; she slowly walked past a mother with rowdy toddlers, an elderly couple and a serious looking woman in her 30s. Nothing she saw caught her eye so she continued through to the next carriage.

It wasn’t until the fourth carriage along that Katrina found what she was looking for. It was fairly quiet with a young couple petting in the corner, and two single men sat on separate sides. One was obviously handsome, the other a bit older, attractive in an understated way. Perfect. She walked past them with a deliberate sway in her hips and tossed her long brown hair, settling at the end where both could see her. She was wearing a thin cotton dress with no bra underneath, and both men watched in awe has she positioned herself gracefully with her book. She began to read with a playful smile on her lips, and the older man noticed that her nipples had hardened; you could clearly see two pert bumps beneath the thin fabric. He wondered what was arousing her, and couldn’t take his eyes away from her.

The young man’s attention was captured too; he drank in the sight of her smooth bare legs, and watched her lips as Katrina occasionally ran her tongue over them. She was completely aware of the power she had over men; it was what made her such a successful cheap escort. She caught his eye and winked, and even that small gesture caused a stirring in his jeans. He crossed one leg over his knee in an attempt to conceal his growing hard on.

A little while later, the older man got up and walked towards the toilet; he took a long, deliberate glance at Katrina’s book on the way past (and also glanced down the top of her dress, confirming that she had nothing underneath). Now that they were alone at this end of the carriage, the young man was plucking up the courage to go and talk to her, but just as he cleared his throat she stood up and walked the same direction as the older man. She looked back over her shoulder and winked at him, which did nothing to help his erection go down!

A minute passed, and then another. He began to wonder if there had been a queue for the bathroom, or if she had gone to sit somewhere else. Curiosity got the better of him and he marched off down the carriage. The next one was almost empty, but at the end the young man came to an abrupt stop; in the space between coaches, Katrina was standing in the corner kissing the older man passionately. He watched silently as she breathed heavily, roughly pulling his hips into hers. One of her legs was lifted around the man’s waist, and she ground against him as she hungrily pressed her mouth onto his.

Katrina had known full well that both men would follow her – call it escort’s intuition. She got a thrill from being watched, as she’d always been a bit of an exhibitionist. The thought turned her on, the risk of getting caught… by the time the man met her there she was already soaking wet, hot and flushed. Not a word was spoken between them; as he approached her she pulled him into the corner where the younger man now found them. She didn’t waste any time, unzipping his trousers and feeling his cock with her delicate hand. It was hard instantaneously, and she rubbed it a few times before pulling the tip towards her pussy. She pulled her thong aside and touched herself for a moment, then tilted her hips towards the man so he could push himself inside her.

The young man watched with envy, but could not tear himself away. As the couple rocked gently and her breath quickened, she opened her eyes and looked at him, licking her lips. He was startled and embarrassed at being caught looking, but fascinated and turned on by her boldness. He scurried back to his seat and waited for them to return.

As she got off the train. Katrina dropped her card in the young man’s lap. He had thought that he wouldn’t call her, but by the end of the day her phone was already lighting up…