First Love

It had always been my dream to direct and produce a short film that was strong, violent, romantic, controversial, abstract but realistic at the same time. It would be a film that was very powerful and erotic, about young love, desire and confusion. Film was my passion and my life, like air or water to most people, I could not live without it. I left school early at the age of 16, after that I spent few years working part time in a production company behind the scenes. When I saved enough money to buy a flight ticket, I flew to L.A. and spent many years learning script writing, directing, and film production. Time had passed so quickly, after I spent more than a decade abroad, now I was finally back in my home town again, making a movie that was based in London. The film would be shown in black and white, with very little dialogue, but graphically presented. I had hired two beautiful couple escorts to be the main characters. I found the couple escorts through a friend’s recommendation as I was looking for new faces who were beautiful, erotic, expressive, and not afraid to perform in front of cameras. Emma, a 19 year old girl who had short strawberry blonde hair, and a very girlie face. She was perfect as I was looking for someone who looked shy and innocent but explosive with sexual desires, who was actually always desperate for one night stands. Her boyfriend Scott was tall and muscular with dark eyes and a dimple when he smiled. He was going to be the man that encountered Emma, fell in love for the first time, then was heartbroken to realise that it was all in his imagination.

The film started with Emma in a night club on the dance floor. She was drunk and horny after numerous cocktails that the men in the club offered to buy her throughout the night, and her silk dress was starting to get a bit see through with all the sweat from dancing. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and her beautiful curves were visible to many men who were eager to jump on her around the dance floor. She felt very powerful as she took a look around and picked the best looking man (starred by Scott) in the crowd. She walked over and the man obediently followed her to the bathroom. She locked the door of the toilet cubicle, pushed him to sit down on the toilet seat, flipped up her skirt and pushed his head down in between her legs. The man sucked on her greedily and grabbed onto her butt to separate her legs even more so he could reach deeper inside her. After she had enough of his greedy tongue, she pulled his hair to lift up his head, kissed him on the lips to have a taste of her own juice, ordered him to unzip his jeans and sat on top of him to take in his big cock. ‘You’re not allowed to come until I come first’ she demanded. He sucked on her nipples while she rode him, withheld the desperation to climax as he was told. He was enjoying the movement of her breasts and the sweet perfume taste of her sweat. Very soon she came, sexy and explosive. He came with her, being so turned on by her orgasm. She stood up, straightened her dress, walked out of the toilet. He hurried to do up his jeans, rushed after her, in the hopes to get her name or number. But she disappeared in the darkness of crowded space.

The rest of the film would be Scott thinking about Emma, fantasizing her body and her kisses, while masturbating in the shower. He would dream about Emma tying his wrists to the bed posts, sucking on his cock and riding on top of him. He loved the taste of her nipples and her smooth pussy. There was such a great sexual tension between them, and he enjoyed being dominated over while they made love. The couple would explore beautiful parts of London city together, fought, and made up and got naked on the grass, or under the street light against the concrete wall.

The last scenes of the film would be Scott going back to the night club every night with Emma, recalling the memories of where the romance first started. He was having a cigarette outside when the reality hit him. He spotted Emma in the ally way kissing another man. Her hair had grown much longer than he remembered. And that was when he realised he was never with Emma, and her name was not Emma because he had never caught up to her when she left the club the first time. He did not know her name. He was the young man that had loved and lost, and she was still the same girl that was looking for erotic pleasure in the night of the city.