Havering Escorts

You can’t get much further North East than Havering. Although more than half the borough is greenbelt protected land, Havering also calls Romford its main town. Except for West End, Romford has the highest concentration of bars and clubs in Greater London, making it perfect for those who enjoy a drink and a dance.

During the day Romford provides its residents retail therapy with the vast Liberty Shopping Centre and Romford Market, the largest market in the surrounding area. There was even talk of a super-casino being built in the south of the borough, but the council rejected the planning permission in 2006. Even without a super-casino, Havering is definitely where the action is in regards to North East London.

The final four stops on the District Line, Elm Park, Hornchurch, Upminster Bridge and Upminster branch out into Havering, and provide a direct but lengthy means of accessing central London, but if you’re venturing into central seeking bars and clubs, there is little you could find that Havering couldn’t already offer.

If you like partying with beautiful women then few places in North East London could be better for you than Havering. And few escorts love partying more than Havering escorts. Although not averse to an intimate night in with just the two of you, if you haven’t taken advantage of the high concentration of the bars and pubs, our Havering escorts could show you the best places to go for a drink and a dance before heading back to your house or hotel.

But Havering is not without its classier, more cultured side, and apart from the prestigious restaurants found throughout the borough, the Queen’s Theatre shows productions. Escorts in Havering like a good night out, but they also know their culture.

So whatever your tastes are, should you find yourself in Havering, you can guarantee yourself a good time by hiring a luscious Havering escort for the night, whether you decide to head to the bars and clubs for drink and dance, or attend a restaurant followed by the theatre, or simply spend the evening indoors getting to know each other better in private.