Healthy Lunch Break

So, it took me a while to reluctantly realise that I had no sex life. I was working 14 hours everyday plus the weekend, so I didn’t even have much time to sleep and eat, let alone have sex. Needless to say, my hand and Playboy magazines became my best friends in the past six months. Yes my hand was more than capable to settle the quick urges I had sometimes, but after a while I longed for the compassion and companionship of a woman. I missed the touch of the silkiness of the skin, and the smell and taste of their bodies. I noticed that I started to stare at all the beautiful women (ok, maybe some of them were not even that beautiful) walking down the street or on the tube, and I would get a hard-on just breathing in their body heat or smelling the scent of their hair. That was when I decided to ‘sort myself out’ with some of the London escort agencies that a friend recommended.

I was very excited to learn about these escort agencies in London. I had a look on the websites and was impressed with the host of beautiful women on offer. All the girls looked like ex glamour models, tall, leggy, busty and drop dead gorgeous. I could hardly believe that I could have the freedom to choose anyone of them to be at my service with a small price. How did I not think of it earlier?! I finally decided on this particular escort agency that offered high class escorts for businessmen in Canary Wharf. They had an incall service available in the area, which meant I could meet an escort of my choice at one of the luxurious apartments in Canary Wharf. I excitedly booked this gorgeous girl called Keeley for an hour, I was going to meet her at the apartment during my lunch break, and I was sure that this sexy session was going to be a lot healthier for my body and mind than my usual cold chicken sandwich.

I nervously pressed the intercom, a sweet voice answered from the other end and buzzed me in. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Keeley at the door, she was tanned, leggy, fresh faced, with big hazel eyes. She greeted me with a flirty smile and invited me in. I followed her into the house, the whole time staring at her full round bottom that were clearly visible under her see through gown. Her golden brown hair was just long enough to cover her nipples, and when I noticed that she was wearing no knickers I instantly felt the heat building up in my groin.

Keeley understood that I was on my lunch break and time was limited, so as soon as we reached the bedroom she pushed me to lie down on the bed and started kissing me. The tender wet kisses sent an electric current through my body as I had not been in contact with a woman for a long time, and all this made me really turned on. My hands were in awkward positions as I didn’t know where to place them. Luckily Keeley was confidently in control. She undressed me quickly and carefully, then she slipped off her dress to reveal her beautiful curves. My erection was getting so big and hard, she grabbed onto it and captured it all in her mouth. I could feel her bare skin against mine and the way her tongue tickled the tip of my penis sent me massive waves of pleasure that made me explode instantly.

Rather embarrassing I must admit, but with all the excitement and anticipation, I knew I wasn’t going to last very long at all. Keeley was being very considerate and attentive, she waited for me to regain my strength again (which only took a few minutes) to have a second round. It was the best lunch I had ever had, and I was sure to order it again.