High Above London

Gary had hired a London escort to accompany him to a business dinner in the city. He was single and constantly being teased at work for being married to his job. Although he made a great deal of money for his hard work, he did wish that he could find a nice girl to settle with.

On a friend’s recommendation, he went onto an escort agency’s website and browsed through the photos of beautiful, glamorous girls. He finally settled on a pretty brunette called Sara. The website said that she was British, 24 years old and enjoyed dining out. She sounded just right. Gary made the booking and arranged to meet Sara for a drink before dinner so they could get to know each other a little first.

When Gary arrived at the bar in his charcoal grey suit and open necked shirt, Sara was already waiting for him. She looked just as stunning as her picture; she was wearing a tight fitting black dress with a plunging neckline. He couldn’t help but stare at her firm, round breasts. They looked delicious. He shook his head and remembered his manners, introducing himself.

As they drank, the tension slipped away and they slipped into easy banter.
“I feel incredibly lucky” Sara remarked.
“Why is that?” Gary asked, genuinely curious.
“Well I’m being paid to be here with you, I’m being bought dinner at an excellent restaurant, and you are absolutely gorgeous!”
Gary blushed. He wasn’t often paid compliments, and never stopped to think about his appearance. But come to think of it, he had great bone structure, piercing blue eyes and he was always well dressed. He answered her compliment with a coy smile: “nowhere near as gorgeous as you”.

They arrived at the restaurant just in time – they were so caught up in conversation that they were dangerously close to being late. Sara remained delightful throughout and charmed all of Gary’s business associates.
“She’s a gem” winked one as he shook Gary’s hand to leave.
“A real looker” grinned another.

Gary and Sara left the restaurant hand in hand; they looked like a real couple. He had only paid for Sara’s company until 9pm, so he would have to say goodbye. They walked back along the river and passed the London Eye.
Sara sighed “I’ve always wanted to take a ride on there”.
“Well why don’t we?” Gary suggested.
“Ah, they’re closing soon and there’s still a queue” she pointed out.
“Wait here” he said. “I’ll be back in a sec.”
Gary sprinted off to the box office and spoke to one of the staff. Sara saw him hand over his credit card, nod his head in thanks and come back to meet her. He grabbed her by the hand and pulled her along with an excited glint in his eye. “Come on!”

Sara stepped into the large capsule, kitted out with champagne, truffles and a love seat. He had hired out a whole private capsule! She knew that these cost hundreds; Gary offered his hand for her to step inside.
“I hope I’m not keeping you from another appointment?” He questioned.
“Nope, this London escort is all yours” she grinned.

Gary had tipped the staff so greatly that they were completely unsupervised; no host, just the two of them alone. As the capsule moved gently, they rotated out of sight from the waiting queue. Sara stood so close to Gary that she could hear his heart beating fast, and his breathing was staggered. She bent her head to look up into his blue eyes and found him staring right back at her. He bent his head to kiss her, softly at first. She melted into him, winding her fingers into his hair and pulling his head towards her to kiss him more fiercely. The lust took over them both; the beautiful city in the moonlight was the most romantic setting they could wish for. As they grabbed and groped each other, Gary’s hands found those beautiful breasts. They felt soft and firm at the same time. While he was massaging her breasts, Sara frantically pulled at his belt and trousers, releasing his hard cock. She gasped with delight at how big it was. With his hands around her waist, he lifted her onto the seat and leaned over her. She opened her legs wide for him and pulled her tiny lace thong aside. He plunged into her, causing a louder gasp from Sara this time. They made love quickly and frantically, eager for each other. Gary came with a shudder, and a wide smile spread across his face.

When they made it back to the ground, both Gary and Sara looked dishevelled and satisfied. They smirked in the knowledge of what they done, and quickly exited the scene hand in hand.