Holland Park Escorts

With the area dotted with Victorian houses and huge open spaces, Holland Park’s reputation as an affluent and upmarket area of London is well-founded. Within easy access of high class shopping areas like High Street Kensington and Portobello Market, the entire place just radiates a classy glow.

Most of the district was grounds for Holland House, a huge mansion that eventually began selling off the grounds. Featuring many wide spaces and green lawns, peacocks have been known to reside on some of the numerous lawns that cover Holland Park.

Seeing as how most houses are lush Victorian buildings, most people who live here tend to be viewed as a little more classy than your average Londoner. And this rule applies to the escorts in Holland Park too.  Fountain in Holland Park, London.After mingling with the elite for so long, the escorts Holland Park calls its own are refined and stylish.

Holland Park is a great place to visit, an oasis of grass and parks in the urban sprawl of London city. If you have a taste for the finer things in life, and enjoy visiting Holland Park for its atmosphere, perhaps you should try hiring a Holland Park escort for an evening to really absorb the classy vibes.

There are few hotels in Holland Park proper, and if you are visiting from afar you might have to make do with nearby hotels in surrounding places like Kensington. This is no bad thing in itself, Kensington is a lovely place, but if you are more interested in Holland Park, you might find yourself there for a day trip.

If however, you are lucky enough to own property in Holland Park, you’ll already know of its reputation. Whether you are visiting or residing, Holland Park escorts can make a good evening great. Take her to a chic restaurant, go shopping together, there is plenty to do in the surrounding areas. If you live there yourself, maybe you can take her on a tour of your Holland Park house afterwards. And if you’re staying in a nearby area and want to take some of that Holland Park class back with you, you’d not go wrong in hiring a Holland Park escort to accompany you back to your hotel for the evening.