Independent Escorts

An Independent escort is a self employed escort who works alone instead of though an escort agency. Many girls choose to do both; they have some privately arranged clients and obtain excess work via an agency. To be a successful independent escort, a girl must have great advertising. The most popular method these days is on the Internet; millions of people go online everyday. In order for advertising to be effective, an escort must have a range of very attractive photos to entice the customers. Without good photos, girls are unlikely to find any business independently at all. They would have to rely on word of mouth an recommendations, which although are productive methods, do not reach a very large base of potential clients.

Another bonus for independent escorts in London is to have good command of the English language. They will need to use the phone regularly to arrange appointments with clients, and without speaking English this would prove very difficult. For this reason, many foreign escorts choose to work through an agency instead so that they do not need to organise their own bookings.

Being an independent escort can be a very profitable business. You must spend money on maintaining a beautiful body and wardrobe to ensure that you always look a million dollars; it is imperative that you are worth every penny that the client pays. There is no agent fee while obtaining work this way, however you must organise and pay for your own travel. An escort agency would arrange transport for you on every occasion.

If you are considering becoming an independent escort, take all of the above into account before making your decision. An agency can offer you safety and security, regular work and fair pay. They also take the stress of organising appointments and travel out of your hands so that you can concentrate on showing the client the time of their life. Another benefit is that an escort agency would be able to help you out if for some reason you were unable to make an appointment; there would usually be another girl who could attend in your place, avoiding upsetting the customer.

If you are already working as an independent escort and you’re looking for extra business and new clients, joining an agency could be the answer for you. Learn to benefit each other by working together to bring in the extra work and make more money on both sides.