The Insatiable Islington Escort

Sarah breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction every night before she went to sleep. It was so rare for someone to be completely content with their life; she earned enough money working as an Islington Escort to keep her beautiful flat there, she had wonderful friends, an enviable wardrobe and a great sex life.

This was in fact the one area of her life that Sarah found difficult to satisfy; her sex drive was much higher than the average woman’s, and it wasn’t easy to meet nice men. Her friends knew what she was like and often set her up on blind dates, but Sarah was so beautiful and confident that she often intimidated those men. They were left feeling like they weren’t good enough for her, that she should be with a handsome millionaire instead. She would’ve been happy with that if she could find one!

It wasn’t until Sarah discovered an escort agency in Islington that she found her niche – the key to her happiness. She had seen an advert in the paper looking for friendly, confident, attractive girls to work as Islington escorts, meeting men for dates and providing high class companionship. It sounded perfect! Sarah was offered the job straight after her interview; it was obvious that this is what she was made to do. Finally, Sarah was able to meet eligible gentlemen 5 nights per week – some of them were bound to share the same interests as her!

Some of the dates that Sarah had were uneventful, just a quiet dinner in a London restaurant or following the client around at a corporate function. But others created a real spark; some men she would instantly click with and recognise that lust in their eyes that matched her own.

One of these more successful dates was with Hugo, a property investor that worked locally. He was a bit of a workaholic so didn’t have much time to pursue a social life; he had booked Sarah after seeing her photos online just for a drink and some company. When Sarah arrived, Hugo was pleasantly surprised; her body was even more sumptuous than her photos. She wore a black dress that clung to her curves, and the neckline plunged into a deep V revealing a full cleavage.

Sarah was also pleased with what she saw; even through his shirt, she could see that Hugo had a broad chest and shoulders. He had only booked her for 2 hours, but already she could feel a stirring between her legs and hoped that they would spend the whole night together. Sure enough, Hugo invited Sarah to come up to his hotel room; he struggled to stop himself getting an erection before they left the bar. As soon as the door was closed she pressed her body into him and started kissing him passionately. She worked her way down unbuttoning his shirt, and found the erection he had been trying so hard to keep under wraps. He ran his hands over the delicious curves of her body, squeezing her firm breasts and wondering in amazement how he got so lucky.

Sarah had a quick look around the room to see where she would most like to be fucked – she liked to vary it from the bed sometimes. Spotting a desk at the perfect height, she slipped away from Hugo and let him follow her there. She hitched up her dress to reveal a smooth, shaved pussy and no underwear. She sat on the desk and spread her legs, starting to touch herself as Hugo undressed himself. He watched in awe as her fingers got wetter, and she started to moan as her hand movements got faster and harder. Unable to hold back any longer, Hugo grabbed Sarah’s thighs and thrust his throbbing cock inside her, groaning as he felt how tight and hot it was. She grabbed his arse and pulled him into her, urging him to fuck her harder. She loved the feel of a man inside her, urgent and rock solid.

As she climbed into bed that night, Sarah wondered how she ever would have met Hugo if she hadn’t been an Islington escort. She felt so lucky to work in a profession where eligible men were on tap; finally, she could satisfy some of her wild urges!