Live Show

After my retirement I found life a little difficult to adapt. Being one of the directors to a large engineering company had definitely given me the advantage of a large retirement fund, however, my personal life seemed very dull as work had always been my main focus in life. My marriage failed pretty soon after I was promoted to director position. My wife left me, and so did my 3 children that she took with her, who I occasionally saw on the weekend. Now 15 years later, at the age of 62, and no family around, I had discovered the joy of online pornography. This new hobby came about when I started to spend a lot of time searching online, making new friends on some obscure websites, trying to find some companionship. I had developed a new understanding of my new self. No more jogging in the park or golfing with business clients, I very much enjoyed this new hobby of kinkiness and self indulgence in my own home during my spare time. It was just me, the beautiful woman on the screen, and the erotic noises she made that came through my surrounding sound system. I even connected my pc to my 65 inch plasma screen TV, so I could get a better view of her body and the whole action. I loved to masturbate in the rhythm with the woman, it felt really good as I didn’t have to worry about my performance, or how I could please her. She always looked she enjoyed it so much, which was a real turn on. Occasionally I would lie totally naked on my leather sofa, and pretended that I was in the threesome with the couple on screen. I had never realised watching other people doing it could be so satisfying!

One night, I decided to upgrade my indulgence to real life performance. I booked some top quality couple escorts online, and within half an hour, they arrived at my apartment. I had picked the woman to be the type that I always liked, Latino looking with long dark wavy hair, with voluptuous curves. Funnily the guy was a bit like a mirror image of myself (in my mind), light hair, tall and thin. I gave them some Vodka to warm up, and then I pulled out my ‘toll box’ full of toys that I usually used to play with myself. After I explained to them what I wanted, the couple escorts put on a great performance for me. They pretended to have some argument, then as things seemed to get a little violent, the Latino escort slapped her boyfriend. Instead of getting angry, he looked quite turned on, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately. When she started to succumb, he hand cuffed her to the chair, and tore her dress off at once. He grabbed onto her breasts and started to suck on her nipples, slowly moving his way down to between her legs. She tried to push him away but I could see that she was really enjoying it. He took out the rabbit vibrator and used it to tease her. I was thoroughly enjoying the view as she had her legs wide open for me. He bent down and sucked on her more and made her come, which was a real turn on. He then took off his trousers to reveal his big cock, which she eagerly put in the mouth. He pulled her long hair back with both hands so I could get a better view of the action. The show finished with 20 minute long intercourse in different positions. He released her from the chair, and she was on the floor rug on all fours when he finally came behind. The whole time while I watched, I was touching myself with special gloves (to enhance MY senses).

My living room was filled with the smell of perfume and sweat, which made the whole performance a lot more erotic and raunchy than just watching shows on screen. I was very pleased with the whole experience that they provided, I was sure that I would book them again soon, and perhaps I could also book an extra Latino escort for myself to enjoy the live show with me.