Cara and Joe

My name is Cara James. I am 33 years old and I live in London with my husband Joe. Joe and I married extremely young we were only 19 but we knew that we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Joe and I met at college in our home town of Bradford. I was studying childcare and Joe was studying to become a joiner. As soon as we met I just knew he was the one for me and fortunately he felt the same. We were 16 at the time and our parents thought we were mad but we always knew it would last forever. I have always believed in love at first sight and that is exactly what Joe and I had. After we got married, finished studying, and had put a bit of money aside we decided to move to London. We wanted to try something new and exciting and back then moving to London was about as exciting as it was ever going to get for working class people like us, to tell you the truth though, I would have been happy anywhere as long as I had Joe. When we arrived in London we were lucky, we were able to find jobs, and a small house almost straight away. We met some lovely people and quickly had a great social life. Everything just fell into place we were so proud of ourselves.

After two years of living a great life in London I fell pregnant with our daughter Lucy. We were both delighted and Joe had been promoted so we were able to buy a bigger house in a better London area. Everything was so perfect and it continued to be so after two years we had our second child, a little boy Joe junior. I have always felt so complete and so happy with our little happy family life I could never have imagined things going wrong not for one second.

It wasn’t until two years ago that things started to change in our household. Joe and I had always had such a fantastic love life we were fairly experimental and liked to try new things. Even when we had the children we still made time for each other. Two years ago however Joe stopped taking an interest in me and he started to stay out at night saying he had to work late. I was devastated, thought that I was to blame; maybe I wasn’t paying him enough attention. Deep down I knew he had found someone else. When I got proof that he was seeing escorts I felt like my world was falling apart. Why would he choose an Escort over me? I confronted Joe and he confessed all saying that the Escorts were just to spice things up, he didn’t love them he loved me, just wanted a bit more variety and the Escorts gave him that. I hated him for seeing the Escort’s but I could understand why he had began seeing them, we did need more variety ,in our love life and if I was honest things had gone a bit stale and I myself wanted a bit of variety too. I decided to forgive Joe and we decided to look at ways we could spice thing up together. That was when we came across Couple Escorts and I don’t mind telling you they have saved our marriage. The Couple Escorts cater for both our needs and we love being able to see each other with the Escorts. They have made us fall in love all over again and we are back to our old happy selves but with a lot more fun.