A Couple’s Dream Date

Hi, my name is Caroline, and I am 27 years old. I work as a nurse in a busy London hospital and I love my job. I have been living in London for five years and I have a great life here. I have many friends and a great social life. I live in a two bedroom flat with my good friend Gilly who is also a nurse. We only rent our place but we have tried to make it as homely as possible so we have a relaxing place to chill after a long night shift. I am currently single as I think I am just too picky but I love the London dating scene, I am always, looking for new ways to meet men. There have been times in the past when I have become lonely. London can do that to anyone I think. We are just all so busy constantly running around working every hour god sends and not giving ourselves the time to enjoy life. You would think that with the amount of people that live in London how can it be possible to feel lonely but I think that the busier a place is the more likely you are to feel alone. I don’t get lonely anymore however as I have managed to create a good work/ social life balance and now I really appreciate everything I have and feel blessed to be living in such a cool city. London really does have it all.

As I mentioned before I am single and I love it. I have always been the kind of girl that gets board easily never staying with one man for long. I like to experiment and try new things and you will often find me trying out the latest dating faze to hit London. The last event I went to was Movie dating where you were paired with your movie match. It was fun but a bit boring for me. My friends call me the man eater and so do many of my past boyfriends and do you know I kind of like that. After sampling some of London’s more conventional dating events I decided to look a bit further to try and find a fun guy who would like to date me but was also looking for that little bit more from a woman. Don’t get me wrong I am not drop dead gorgeous or anything but I am reasonably good looking a bit squidgy round the edges perhaps but my mother always said “Caroline you have to love yourself and be confident in your skin”, so that’s what I try to do.

After some time trawling the internet for a unique dating idea I came across an Escort website not just any Escort website but an Escort website specialising in Couple Escorts. The idea was that you were matched with another client who you liked the look of and you had a connection with and then you hooked up with the Couple Escorts. I loved the idea. I myself never had any dreams of being an Escort or hiring an Escort on my own but doing it with someone else who I had got to know and wanted the same excitement as me in a special relationship sounded perfect. I was a bit worried about the men that I would find on the site but thank fully I was pleasantly surprised. I met a lovely man named Gary who was a little bit older than myself but had had some experience in the escort world previously. He and I got on immediately and we both shared a mutual attraction and a love for trying new dating experiences. Gary and I then found an Escort Couple that we liked the look of and we are now looking forward to our first date, all four of us, together. It is my dream date and I just can’t wait to have this new experience.