Laura had been living in London for 6 months, and so far it hadn’t been as exciting as she thought it would be. She didn’t have many friends here as they all lived back in Leeds, and the people in her office were mostly old and boring. She craved the glamour and excitement that she used to read about in gossip magazines – she just didn’t know how to get it.

Laura decided that she must be hanging out in the wrong places. Although she didn’t have much money, she was remarkably beautiful so hoped that she would fit in with the elite London crowd. She decided to take action. Her day was spent in the salon, having her hair and nails done, a facial and a spray tan. By the time she got back to her flat, Laura was feeling confident yet apprehensive about the night ahead. She had never done this before! She chose her most expensive looking dress, highest heels, Tiffany bracelet (a present from an ex) and her fake Gucci bag (she prayed that nobody would notice the difference). By the time she closed the door behind her and stepped out to hail a taxi, Laura looked a million dollars.

She had read that a lot of socialites and celebrities hung out in Mahiki, so that’s where she asked the driver to take her. As she wasn’t on a guest list, Laura had to wait in the queue then pay £15 entry. Once inside, she sat at a stool against the tropical bar and drank in her surroundings. She sipped the exotic cocktail slowly as she would only be able to afford a couple. How she wished she could splash the cash about like everyone else in London seemed to! She enviously watched as a group of boys ordered the £100 treasure chest cocktail.

From the end of the bar, the most glamorous looking woman Laura had ever seen caught her eye. A smartly dressed man was pouring Dom Perignon into the woman’s glass and her designer handbag was definitely genuine. After a while, the man excused himself for a cigarette, so Laura took her chance. She approached the lady tentatively, and struck up a conversation. After the pleasantries and exchanged compliments, Laura took the plunge.
“I’m sorry if this seems rude” Laura begun, “but can I ask what you do? ”
With a sly smile, the woman replied “I’m a London Escort“.
“An escort?” Laura pondered. “What does that involve?”
“Oh it’s a fabulous occupation” she said. “Gentlemen pay me a handsome amount for my company, and I just have to concentrate on being the best escort they have ever encountered”.

Soon after their exchange the man returned, took his escort by the hand and led her out of the club. She turned and winked at Laura; as she did so, Laura decided – this was the lifestyle she wanted. She finished off her cocktail, batted off the male admirers who had been watching her and wanted to try their luck, and headed home.

Laura had the information she needed; now all she had to do was find out how to become a London escort herself. She didn’t know much about the industry, but she dreamed of being one of the beautiful people. She wanted the designer clothes and shoes, and rich men to fawn over her.

Over the next week, Laura read up more about escorts on the Internet, had some professional photos taken and begun approaching agencies. She was so gorgeous and determined that she had no problem getting signed up; once word got out about her, the escort agencies would be clambering to get her on their books. At last, Laura had found a way to make her dream come true.