Ginger London Escorts

It was the end of December when I first met “My” London Escort, I had booked her through Ginger London Escorts. She was a young, cute redhead, she was an utter boffin, but was great fun and most importantly mind blowing sex.

Every red headed woman I have ever been with has been good in bed. They are so gentle and easy to please and I was in no doubt my Ginger London Escort was going to live up to her stereo type.

She seemed to like the mirror, enjoying watching herself in action from all angles and she especially loved the view from the mirror overhead.

I sat in the bath and waited for the escort to come in, splashing her as she opened the door, she gave me a hard rubbing down for that! I tumbled on to the bed, taking off her bra as I pulled my ginger escorttowards me. She picked up the oil from the bed, rubbing first my back, then moving closer to my intimate areas. I took it upon myself to take lead of my ginger escort , filling the furrow of her buttocks with oil as i explored around her thong, occasionally making her shiver as I slithered up and down her back. i was careful not to get oil on the bed, on the other hand her thong would need a very good washing afterwards.

My ginger escort pounced on me, straddling me, imprisoning her legs between my thighs. I sucked and played with her nipples as she stretched on top of me, I could see her watching herself in the mirror – a beautiful silhouette reflection of a sexy ginger escort, I was in heaven!

It didn’t last long with her on top, she was going to make our encounter too short. As i manoeuvred to change position I could tell she was eager to play with my big hard cock. She wiggled from underneath me to get a firm hold, lustfully sucking away until she seemed frantic. on all fours is how we ended, I was grasping her from behind and thrusting away until I was sweaty and spent. What an amazing way to end the year. She had told me I was her last booking before leaving Ginger London escorts; she had to leave London to go abroad for two years. I slipped her my address with her payment, she said she would send me postcards from Germany but i didn’t believe she would until two months later a postcard arrives. The writing was not familiar but the words simply read, “Your Ginger Escort”.

I stuck it on my mirror and it made me smile every time I walked by, no matter what kind of bad day I was having.