I am an actress

I am an actress. You might recognize me walking around London or LA if you have a good memory for faces from B rated movies, or you may not. I am almost well connected enough to be fairly confident that I’ll get into the best club in London on a Thursday night, but not so sure that I can say the same for LA on a Friday night. I used to be escorted everywhere by a small mob of hangers on, but since the mob never included a Moss or a Frost I still thought of myself as on the edges of making it big in this city.

London Escorts will change all that.

In case you are wondering London Escorts is a movie cum documentary that I have been working on for over a year now. That was around the time I was approached by the director, who had been approached by a former escort who had been approached by a number of prominent men and even a few prominent women.

London Escorts is at its heart not some base expose though, but in fact, it is a modern day love story.

I play Karen. I say play, but I guess the more accurate reality is that for the last year I have been Karen.

In fact, when the director had met me in that West London eaterie, he started referring to me as Karen right away.

By the end of the month I had adopted a lighter shade of blonde hair – the Karen trademark locks, I had made myself so scarce that my fickle hangers ons had moved on to sucking up to another B-lister and I mentally prepared for the most challenging role of my life. To do this I spent hour after hour talking to Karen.

She is 32 now, but when she started out on the escort scene she had been 25. She had been worth a second glance by anyone’s standards then. It was only when she had started making more in a month than most people earned in a year though, that she began to exude the kind of powerful grace and magnetism that made men who were masters in every aspect of their life pay small fortunes to be mastered by her.

Some wanted no more than to in her company. Some wanted to marry her, some hated her.

My role, that is to say the role of Karen #2, was to disappear into the world of the London Escort, to tell the story of Karen #1 and how she feel in love with one of her clients against all odds and also to tell the story of this little know world and it’s place in London’s hidden underworld.

I was an actress but not an actress. There was a rough script but most of the scenes in the final movie were real scenes of me spanking and cajoling with husbands, brothers, lovers and special friends of other women. Mostly, they were just in need of a little company from a beautiful woman and mostly it was harmless fun.

London Escorts I due out soon and I am due, I suppose, some special recognition for this role. Already the word ‘award’ is being whispered in the offices of the people who make these decisions and already I am attracting a higher class of hanger-on. There are rumours brewing that one or two of the unwilling extras are going to be giving their PRs a few sleepless nights.

In a week or two I might be a face you recognize or I may not, all I know is that I have kept the lighter blonde locks and there are moments when I can’t tell where the actress playing a London escort ends and the actress who is me begins.