Lizzie & Dan

Lizzie and Dan are your typical, ordinary, young London couple in their mid 20’s with an extraordinary job. They live in a one bedroom flat in Wimbledon in South West London. They have lived in London for three years having come here after meeting at Nottingham University. Both of them had got a first in their Physics Degrees and they both dreamt of getting glamorous jobs in the city where they could make their fortune together. Lizzie and Dan had always been adventurous, always dreaming, of their next big travelling adventure and they had so much fun together they couldn’t wait to move to London and start a brand new life together.

For the first few months Lizzie and Dan lived on a friend’s floor and concentrated on trying to find jobs where they could put their first class University Degrees to good use. They simply assumed that it would be easy that employers would be delighted to welcome them on board. Their unfailing faith, almost arrogance, made them shun help from their parents. They so desperately wanted to succeed on their own. It was their time to shine and be the successful young graduates they presumed would come naturally to them. After six months with no luck they were beginning to get desperate. Their friends who had been so kind to them now quite rightly wanted their floor space back. Lizzie and Dan had become desperate and they needed to find a job, any job, and fast. Finally they opened their minds to new possibilities, scoring the local newspapers, and checking out websites that had nothing to do with physics. It was time to lower their extremely high standards and just get a job.

It was during one of those internet searches that Lizzie came across an advert that was recruiting Couple Escorts. The advert said that they would pay big cash for young gorgeous couples in their 20’s that were willing to be Escorts together. Lizzie had never heard anything like it. Of course she had heard of an Escort and new that there was probably many of them in London but Couple Escorts was a whole new concept to her. Lizzie was intrigued so she did a search for Couple Escorts on the internet and she found out that it was actually quite a popular thing. Basically what it meant was that some men or couples liked to be entertained by more than one person. They liked having two people, making hiring an Escort, more exciting for them. The theory was still this same your job was to Escort them out to dinner or to a hotel and entertain them. To Lizzie that didn’t sound at all bad and how could it go wrong when she would have Dan beside her at all times. Lizzie was swept away by the money that they could potentially make and the thought of being able to dress up and go to posh restaurants and hotels was just the icing on the cake. It would be like living the high life that they so desperately craved while getting paid for it.

When Dan came home that day from another trip to the job centre Lizzie explained it all to him and do you know he thought it was a fantastic idea, a short term fix, to their financial problems. If they were successful they would be able to have a flat of their own in no time. The next day Dan and Lizzie went into the Escort Agency to find out if they were suitable candidates for the job. It turned out that they were and the kind lady who interviewed them set up five appointments with clients for them before they had even left the building. Lizzie and Dan were delighted. Finally they could start living again. Every since that day they have continued to do the Couple Escort work. The money is fabulous and they are still enjoying the lifestyle. They now have their very own flat that they were able to buy outright and they regularly enjoy the champagne lifestyle that they have become so accustomed to.