Lord Edward Marshall

9am and I awake to a glorious day. I love London in the summer, so warm and welcoming, full of hope and the punters are out in force. My name is Lord Edward Marshall but please my darlings you may call me Eddie. I am the owner of this sumptuous little palace here and of a very famous London Escort agency. I love all my girls each one so special and unique. I like to run a multicultural affair in my Escort palace from sweet Asian girls to feisty European women. I have a girl for every taste.

I have been running my palace as I like to call it for 55 years now and I am extremely proud of it. Not a day goes by when I don’t thank my lucky stars that I have been so fortunate in this city. London can be so cruel to some. You see I was quick to discover a gap in the market for an upmarket London Escort agency. I had a hefty inheritance left to me by my Grandfather so I thought why, to hell with it, I will open one. I found this lovely Georgian Townhouse in London’s Knightsbridge area, gave it a few glamorous touches, and began my search for beautiful girls. You are probably thinking is it because I love Escorts and women myself, and you would be right I do, but not in that way. I am not that way inclined if you catch my drift, which I believe, has made me the perfect Escort boss. After finding some of the most awe inspiring beautiful women and some clever marketing to only the best clientele London has to offer we were up and away. From day one we were extremely popular my Escorts found it difficult to keep up with demand so we continued to grow and grow into one of London’s best Escort agencies. My Grandfather would have been so proud. He loved his women you know.

Time has passed so quickly I expect because we have so much fun here at the palace. We regularly have cocktail parties where my girls and the clients can meet before deciding on who they would like to go on a special date with. We all get dressed up in our finest and sip only the best champagne and simply enjoy each other’s company. Of course my darlings as you will imagine I have my own special little throne, made especially, so I can watch all the proceedings. I have never felt ashamed of what we do here just immensely happy and proud of our achievements. It is not for us to judge others life is just too short for that. We continue to thrive every day and I make it my duty to keep up with the times. Ten years ago we started to take male Escorts onto our books. Let me tell you that they are a wondrous site to behold. We realised powerful career driven women need to be entertained as well as the men and the women love it. Business has never been better.

As I approach my retiring years I look back with only happiness and I hope whoever has benefitted from our services is happy and does not regret being part of such a high class establishment. There will always be a place for Escorts in our society and I do not think that is a bad thing. I believe it is important to keep the industry alive. As long as everyone is happy and no one is getting hurt then I ask you does it really matter.