A Two Woman Man

My name George and I am a successful London businessman and I have been lucky as along with success I have wealth. I always dreamed of being at the top of my game and really making something of my life. Success to me is about control and about having the freedom to do whatever you should wish in life.

I grew up in London in a working class family with working class values. My father was a welder and didn’t make much money at all but he had his pride and we always managed and never needed hand outs. He taught me to strive for more and use my education to the best of my ability. That is exactly what I did. I was the first in my family to go to University and get a high flying well paid job in the city. I did it not just for me but for my Father. I so wanted to make him proud. Sadly he passed away last year but the last thing he said to me was I am proud of you son. That meant the world to me.

I live in a posh area of London in an imposing Victorian townhouse with seven bedrooms. We have a couple of staff who look after the house and we own three cars, two of which are sports cars, one is a 4×4. We go on luxury holidays twice a year and my two children are privately educated at one of London’s best Schools. I myself have a personal assistant and driver who both keep my life in check. I really do not know where I would be with them all and I do know how lucky I am to afford all of these luxuries. I have worked exceptionally hard to achieve all this though and as I told you I do know what it is like to have nothing. It means I appreciate all of this even more. I am not an arrogant man but I do believe I deserve all of my success simply because I created it all.

I met my wife Holly at University before I became successful. As soon as I clapped eyes on her in the University bar I knew she was the women for me. She was drop dead gorgeous and as soon as I started to chat her up I found out she was also extremely intelligent. Much more intelligent than myself I have to add. Luckily Holly also liked me so we spent the next three years of University dating and generally having fun. After university ended Holly agreed to come back to London with me so she could pursue her career in PR and I could make my fortune. Thankfully we were both successful and we soon got married and started our little family. Our lives have become so busy now, what with the kids and work, but we do try to make time for each other as much as possible. I will always love Holly and I could never imagine my life without her.

About two years ago when I was made Chief Executive of my company I was introduced to a new side of London, the London Escort world. Like any man I was intrigued by Escorts so thought why not I am not doing any harm by just taking one of them out. I decided to take my chosen Escort Cara to a famous London hotel to have a lovely relaxing dinner and let me tell you I was surprised by how the evening unfolded. My High Class London Escort Cara was just divine with beautiful olive skin and long brown hair. Not dissimilar to my wife but younger, slimmer, fresher perhaps. She was not at all what I would expect from an Escort. Cara was intelligent could hold a proper conversation about business and finance. I was shocked it was so nice to have a proper conversation, a conversation, that did not involve the kids, and who was doing the school run. I was captivated by her and I did not want to let this Escort go. I had to have control and I had to make her my own private Escort. That is exactly what I arranged with Cara and she seemed to relish the idea. I now visit her three times a week when I tell my family I am away on business. I know it is not right but I love her. I love them both. What is a man to do?