Vixens on the Prowl

Hey, I’m Brett. Just to fill you in, I’ve been living in London ever since I finished University 4 years ago, and now work in a graphic design company in Liverpool Street. I’ve made some really good mates there, and 3 of us go out together most weekend to look for some sexy vixens to chat up. Now I consider myself to be alright looking, but I’m no adonis. Harry kind of has that posh boy look about him, so he normally manages to pull the gold diggers! Then there’s Robert, who (bless him) definitely has some face issues. To be frank with you, he’s an ugly geezer! He can’t help it though, he’s a really decent fella on the inside.

When we’re out, me and Harry normally reel in the vixens, but girls are always in pairs or big groups, so poor old Robert gets left out. On my recommendation, he’s starting hiring escorts to keep him company. Escorts are a great way to get a gorgeous girl on your arm without all the effort of the chat up lines, trying to prove yourself to them. To be honest with you, I’ve taken escorts to a couple of work parties before to save myself the hassle.

Next weekend, we’ve got a work retreat to the Peak District. Two nights in a villa, views to die for and ‘team building’ activities during the day. We’re allowed to take wives and girlfriends with us, but as you know, us three are still bachelors. Would be a shame to waste those king size beds, so we’ve decided to find ourselves some vixens escorts to keep us company out there. Everyone else in the company will be well jealous, wondering where we’ve bagged these beauties!

I started doing some research online last night. Problem is, there are so many gorgeous escorts to choose from! I think we want English girls so we can have some good conversation, and they’ll be more likely to pass as our girlfriends. They need to be fit, and not worried about breaking a nail so we can take them hiking. They have to be a bit wild – after the lights go down, they should turn into vixens! Mine should have red hair, fair skin and green eyes. If I can find a girl like that, I’ll probably want to keep her forever!

For Harry, she needs to be a bit posh to keep up with him. He likes naturally blonde, busty escorts, nicely dressed Robert needs someone not too over confident, otherwise he’s like a rabbit caught in the headlights. He’s a little bit shy, our Robbie. He’s not too fussy though, he likes black, Asian, European and South American escorts. As long as they have tits, he’s happy!

So we’ve just got this weekend left to party before we go. No escorts this time; we’ve gonna use good old fashioned British charm to see if we can woo some vixen girls. Love it. First, you make eye contact, give them a smile. If it’s reciprocated, you’re in. Then you make your way over gradually, talking to a few people on the way to look popular, make them wait. Then you open with a non – cheesy compliment, introduce yourself to her AND her friends, and offer to buy her a drink. Simple as that. With talents like mine, I don’t even know why I need escorts! To be fair though, they’ll behave much better than some random bird I pick up at the weekend. Wish me luck; I’m shaved, dressed, hair gelled and ready for action!