My Lucky Day

I’ve been told that I’m a good looking guy, but I never seem to be able to keep girlfriends. Apparently I lack in self confidence, and I need to believe in myself more before anyone else will believe in me. I wanted to push myself and get out there, so last week I took a brave step. I’d seen this pretty girl working in the coffee shop and was normally too shy to talk to her, but I plucked up the courage to strike up a conversation. I gave her my number, and to my surprise she text me! Her name was Laura, and we agreed to meet up at 8pm on Friday night – only 2 days to wait.

When the night came, I spent ages getting ready. I was showered, shaved, doused in Calvin Klein and dressed in my new shirt. I hoped she wouldn’t think I was trying too hard, but it had been months since I’d been with a girl and I really wanted to get lucky!

I arrived 5 minutes early and sat in the bar. After 10 minutes she hadn’t yet arrived so I ordered myself a beer and took a seat. It got to 8.20pm and there was still no sign of her. Great, she had stood me up. No wonder, what would she want with a bumbling idiot like me? I was just finishing off my pint in a sulk so I could leave, but when I stood up there was a breath takingly beautiful woman blocking my path.
“Leaving so soon?” the Goddess asked. I looked around to make sure she was addressing me, then looked back at her with wide eyes. She raised her perfect eye brows waiting for my response.
“What’s the point in staying?” I mumbled. I kept my eyes on the ground, and couldn’t help but notice the sexy red stilettos she was wearing. Even her feet were gorgeous. Why would she stop to talk to me?

She slipped into the seat by me so I sat back down and we begun talking. It turned out that she was a London escort, and her client had been called away to a meeting so she was left all by herself in the bar. I could tell that she didn’t want to be alone, so I offered to buy her a drink. We talked for ages, and she couldn’t believe that a “hot guy” like me could be stood up. Over her shoulder I saw my date standing at the door; she looked incredulous that I was all wrapped up in another woman. But I was feeling more confident now, and the lady with me was far hotter than Laura.

Within an hour, it became apparent that I had gotten much luckier than I expected. This London escort, Denise, was really into me! I didn’t stop to carry on wondering why, I just went with the flow. She caught a cab back with me and asked if she could come in for coffee – I knew what that meant! Coffee was obviously the last thing on her mind, for as soon as we were through the door she had me pinned to the wall, kissing me hard on the mouth. Her hands roamed down over my chest and found their way to the zipper on my jeans. A groan escaped my lips as she grabbed by erection through my boxers, and a wicked smile played across her lips. I couldn’t believe this was happening! Grabbing the bull with both horns (so to speak), I ran my hands down her supple body and hitched up her tight dress. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and had her pussy shaved Brazilian style – my favourite. Soon my shirt was ripped open and her glorious breasts were pulled free, and she pulled at my hair as she continued to kiss me and bite my lip. This one obviously liked it a bit rough. I then pulled a manoeuver that I’d always wanted to try; a grabbed her buttocks and lifted her up so that her legs could wrap around my waist. At the same time I spun her round so that she was pressed up against the wall. The positioning was a bit awkward at first, but she felt feather light as the adrenaline pumped through my veins. I lifted her an inch higher and she slid back down onto my cock – it felt incredible. I started of slowly and then my thrusts became harder and more urgent, and I could tell that she was loving it from her gasps and moans.

She orgasmed first, and feeling her body tremble was too much; I couldn’t hold back any longer so I came with a massive release.We both stayed pinned to the wall for a minute, panting and sweating. She stayed with me the whole night, and left me her number in the morning. I told her that if she was ever lonely, she should give me a call.

Being with such a sexy woman has made my confidence soar, and now women are noticing me all the time. I have a lot to thank Denise for; she’s the fittest escort in London.