Marble Arch Escorts

Located in central London, the area of Marble Arch takes its name from the monument found on the junction of Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Edgware Road and Park Lane. The grand arch is made of white Carrara marble and is only accessible from the underground station. Throughout history, the only people permitted to pass through the arch are the Royal Family and the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery. This has been done during ceremonial processions though the city.  Marble Arch in Hyde Park, Marble Arch area, London

Marble Arch was designed in 1828 by John Nash. He based it on the Roman erection, 'Triumphal Arch of Constantine'. Built as a gate to the newly constructed Buckingham Palace, the arch was moved to its present location in 1851 to allow further work to the palace. The arch is beautifully sculpted and contains 3 small rooms, once used by the Metropolitan Police.

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