Marble Arch

Marble Arch is an area of London where a monument stands at the junction of Oxford Street, Park Lane and Edgware Road. Standing alone on a traffic island, the arch is only accessible through the exit of Marble Arch underground station.

The arch itself is built of white carrara marble, erected to form a grand gateway to Buckingham Palace. The arch was removed in 1851 under the order of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert when they decided to enlarge the palace, where the arch once was then became an entrance to Hyde ParkTh upper part of the arch has in history been used as an aid for police surveillance, famously so in 1855 when riots broke out and the crowd were brought to order by a body of police who emerged from the arch taking the demonstrators by surprise. Marble Arch at the end junction of Park Lane and Oxford Street, London.

Marble Arch has a great exciting history and was once known as Tyburn, the site of the three-legged gallows, a place of public execution, where crowds gathered to witness the gruesome sight.

Marble Arch is a beautiful arch located at a beautiful site in London, many stunning London escorts operate from this area due to the wonderful surrounding attractions of Oxford Street, Hyde Park and Edgware Road.

At Hyde Park corner, people still gather today at what is known as Speakers Corner, but happily for a less macabre reason. Many sassy Marble Arch escorts frequent this area, wandering in the beautiful parks and wondering through a haven for retail. On Sunday afternoons speakers and hecklers assemble to debate a variety of topics.