My Russian Man

Walking down the street of London, with the sun shining on my face, I was feeling unbelievable happy that I was almost skipping. It was a beautiful April afternoon, and my man was taking me shopping in the expensive district in London. To be more precise, Mr Sidorov was my favourite client. We first met 6 months ago when he saw my profile at the London Escorts Service, and as he told me, he fell in love with my long blonde hair and big blue eyes at first sight. And ever since then, every time he came to London for business he would call the London Escorts for my companion.

The best thing about being an escort girl in London was that I could meet clients from all over the world that I felt my days were filled with variety and excitement.

Mr Sidorov ran a very successful business in Russia. I did not ask him too much detail about his business because I wanted him to unwind and forget about work when he saw me. I always tried to be very considerate and caring towards him as I wanted to be sure that I could provide him the most enjoyable and unforgettable escort service. I liked Mr Sidorov the very first time I met him. He was such a gentleman, very stylish and tasteful. His suit was immaculate, made with a blend of silk and cashmere that’s so soft to touch. The charcoal grey colour of the suit picked out the sparkle of silver bits in his hair and I particularly loved the fine lines on the corner of his dark eyes when I made him smile. He had a serious but kind face, and a broad body. I liked men with a broad body, it showed an image of power and maturity in a way.

Mr Sidorov was always very generous with me. He would take me out to romantic dinners at some Michelin starred restaurants in London, and showered me with presents and roses. Sometimes I would get so excited with my new jewellery that I would put on a special performance for my client when we got back to the hotel room. One time I did an erotic dance for Mr Sidorov, wearing nothing but the diamond necklace, when he sat in the big leather arm chair smoking his cigar and watched. Another time I put on my expensive silky lace lingerie and performed half an hour blow job on our penthouse suite’s balcony that sent him to the top of the world. I then got so excited and horny that I came as soon as his lips touched my inner thigh. I loved his big hands too, especially when he ran his hands over my breasts and played my pink nipples with his fingers, my juices would run wild and I could not wait for him to go inside me.

I really enjoyed my job as an escort in London. I wanted to work for the top London Escorts agency, and the selection procedure to work for such a high profile escort agency was not easy. I was very proud of myself for making it through, most importantly I really liked my job as a high quality escort. I always looked after myself to make sure that I was in top condition with my silky long blonde hair and my beautiful body. Every inch of my skin would be hairless and I always made sure that I smelt delicious.

Now I could not wait for Mr Sidorov to surprise me with another expensive present, I knew I could pick anything in the stores and he would be more than happy to ask the sales lady to wrap it up for me straight away. I would have to pick carefully though, because it would have to be something that I could incorporate into my performance later as a thank you gesture. My body was shaking from excitement already….