Bad Judgement from Kanye West

Singer and Hip Hop star Kanye West has made a serious error in judgement, and not for the first time. He stormed the stage at MTV’s VMA Awards in New York this week, interrupting country singer Taylor Smith’s acceptance speech with his “rude” outburst.

19 year old Taylor Swift had won the award for Best Female Video; she was in the middle of her speech when Kanye took the microphone from her and announced that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. An embarrassed Beyonce looked on from the audience, and Kanye’s outburst was met with booing from the crowd. She left a humiliated Taylor on stage looking emotional, as he had completely ruined her moment. Mr West was then escorted from the premises with his girlfriend Amber Rose. Possible factors for this behaviour are the recent death of his mother, and the bottle of Cognac he had been swigging from.

Beyonce, who later won the award for Video of the Year, saved the day by inviting young Taylor back onto the stage to have her moment. She described how it felt to win her first award aged 17, and wanted this to be a special moment for the country singer. Taylor then got to finish her speech alongside superstar Beyonce.

This is not the first time that the rapper has had an embarrassing outburst at an awards ceremony; In 2006, he got up on stage when his video for ‘Touch the Sky’ failed to win in that category. The award went to duo ‘Justice and Simian’ for the song ‘We Are Your Friends’. Kanye’s response to this was “Hell no”. He claimed that if he did not win, then the ceremony would lose credibility. However, arrogant outbursts like this only make him lose credibility. In 2007, he kicked off because Britney Spears was chosen over him to perform on the main stage.

Perhaps the biggest blow for Mr West was the US President Barack Obama describing him as ‘a jackass’; although this comment was off the record and not intended to become public, media leaked the quote and it is now common knowledge.

Although London escorts and party girls used to swoon over Kanye West, it would seem that behaviour like this is causing him to fall out of favour… He has since issued several apologies on the internet and on television.