Cheryl Cole Struck Down With Malaria

Cheryl Cole caused some panic on Saturday when she fainted during a photo shoot. One of the people present described how ill she looked; she was pale and sweating, obviously with a fever. When she collapsed, Cheryl was diagnosed with suspected exhaustion from her gruelling work schedule, however she had also been complaining of stomach pains for a few days. It was thought that she also had gastroenteritis, which can cause sickness and an upset stomach.

After fainting, Cheryl’s condition worsened, and by Sunday she was slipping in and out of consciousness. She was rushed into intensive care, where tests showed that she had caught the tropical disease Malaria. She caught it while holidaying in Tanzania with close friend and backing dancer Derek Hough. They have spent more time together since her split from Ashley Cole; Cheryl wanted to return to the East African country because she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year for Comic Relief. Ironically, she was raising money for the prevention of Malaria.

Despite taking Malaria tablets while she was abroad, Cheryl contracted the disease when she was bitten by a mosquito. Having first been sent to London’s Cromwell Hospital, she has now been moved to a ward that specialises in tropical diseases. She was expected to make a fast recovery, but so far her condition has only worsened. Friends and family are very worried about the star, who is not physically strong enough to fight the disease.

Cheryl is having to miss X Factor auditions this week, as it is unknown when she will be will enough to return to work. Simon Cowell has told her not to hurry back, as her health is the most important thing. This week she will be replaced by guest judge Nicole Sherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls, along with regular judges Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell. She may also miss forthcoming commitments such as a performance at the V Festival.

Cheryl Cole is a role model for many of our Chelmsford escorts, who admire her hard working ethic and glamorous appearance. She is a true rags to riches story; after growing up on a council estate in Newcastle, she has become the nation’s sweethearts. You see her face on television, on posters and in magazines, with her solo music on the radio, as well as hits with Girls Aloud. All of us are wishing Cheryl a speedy recovery.