Good Times for Jennifer Aniston

Gorgeous former ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston has hit the news this week for two reasons; firstly, she has won a case against a crazy stalker, and secondly she has launched her new perfume. Jen was at London store Harrods today for the launch of The Debut Fragrance, where it will be sold exclusively. It had been rumoured to be called ‘Lovalie’ before, but that was obviously a red herring! The name appears to have changed at the last minute. We must say, at 41 years, Jen is looking absolutely fabulous. With tanned skin and a lean figure, she wore a nude coloured short, strapless dress and wore her hair loose and tousled.

Jennifer Aniston is just as stunning as any one of our UK escorts, and she has an all year round Californian glow which is also appealing. People queued up at the prestigious London store to get a glimpse of the star, and she signed bottles of the perfume for fan. We can’t wait until the ad campaign comes out – photos have been leaked of her posing topless on a beach, with her assets covered up by her arms. She looks fresh and sultry… Brad Pitt is a fool (though we’re not sure we could have said no to Angelina either).

As for the scary stalker, 24 year old Jason Peyton, has been issued a restraining order, which means that he’s not allowed to come within 100 yards of the actress or her personal staff. Peyton has a history of mental illness and had been fixated on Jennifer for some time; he wrongly believed that she wanted him to be the father of her children. He drove all the way to California to find her, but luckily was rumbled when his father reported that he’s left a note explaining his plans.

Disturbed Peyton has been known to beat up his own mother on several occasions so is definitely a dangerous man; when he was waiting for Aniston, he was found with duct tape and a sharp object on his person. He had scratched the words ‘I LOVE JENNIFER ANISTON’ into his own car and also had many love notes about the star on his person. The judge luckily realised that he was unsafe and unbalanced, and served the order to a terrified Jen.

All in all it’s been a busy week for Miss Jennifer Aniston, and we’re more than happy to see press coverage of the pretty starlet!