Growing Popularity of Webcam Girls

Do you get your kicks out of watching girls undress on-line? If not, I bet you know somebody who does. The webcam market is now worth over a billion pounds, and is continuing to rise.

Investigations into the industry have found that many more British women are signing up to join websites, partly due to the recession. It’s an easy way for them to make cash, with some earning up to £30 per hour on the premium rate sites.

Hundreds of women are opting for this line of work every day, with more girls making the choice internationally. They appear live on camera which can be viewed all over the world, performing strip teases and sexual acts on screen for viewers. The girls often wear head sets so that they can talk to the punter; the women take requests such as undressing or touching themselves for the viewer.

Research has been carried out by Market Analysts, who state that in 2006 the webcam market was worth £730 million; it has now risen to £1.1 billion. It is expected to increase to double that figure by 2015.

Those who create these sites claim that it is a safe way for women to enter the adult industry; with the economic downturn, many women are opting to become webcam models. They are allowed to protect their identities by using a fake name, and do not ever have to come into physical contact with their customers. Some local women have joined up to these sights saying that they would prefer to be a webcam model to being a London escort. Although not as much money is made, they are more able to work to their own hours and fit it around their current lifestyle.

Some campaigners are arguing that the websites exploit women sexually and say that the industry is not well regulated. They are concerned that girls working within the industry are under pressure to perform more and more pornographically to win business. With so many women becoming webcam models, the competition is fierce and this causes more extreme behaviour that some girls might not be comfortable with.

The rise in the industry for those of you who like to watch sexy girls do your bidding online, however there is still no comparison to having the company of a real woman in the flesh. London escorts are still my favourite pastime!